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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. O yeah nice, all those guys with the perfect Cheap fire capes things etc. Always less than 10 posts. I don't trust many of them.
  3. How much does it all costs? lol
  4. Congratzzz
  5. Probably Tribot Login, Did you verified your Account?
  6. Got the same problem atm, After Runescape got updated (today)
  7. Is it only with Tribot or other programs too? If not, Try to look at your Virus scanner. Maybe it's blocking something. Otherwise you can lookup on the internet because you are not the only one with this i guess This is all options i got so far.
  8. Maybe this can help : http://osxdaily.com/2014/10/21/get-java-os-x-yosemite/
  9. Try to Reinstall it, if that doesn't work out (no idea if it's in osrs go to the normal Oldschool client and change your options to standard instead of full screen) Can u send pic btw? (without your name details ofcourse)
  10. Maybe he is telling the thruth, Don't judge him already.. On the other side he has no proof at all
  11. Oh! The Drama
  12. Hmmm, wondering then when it is ;p
  13. Deadman's mode is comming? <3 Could be possible
  14. Hmmm weird, It's eating when i tried at the stalls *silk stall* But sometimes the bot is moving to the other silk stall, and is again walking back to the stall i selected.