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  1. This was happening for me too I restarted TriBot Twice and it fixed the issue.
  2. pietyy

    Anyone ever run more than 20 bots at the same time?

    Have ran Over 60 before.
  3. pietyy

    Woow, Tribot you fucking scammers

    Funny how they would want your 2m. Reminds me of when a guy years ago accused TriLez of stealing his monkfish. I've had over 500m on accs made purely from botting on Tribot with the account details in inserted on Tribots client and never once Have I ever been hacked. Not only that It's been made clear that all Scripts are checked thoroughly before being put onto the Script Repo.
  4. Would be great If we could add a 3 Tick fishing option while doing Barbarian fishing Speeds up Exp Rates a ton at higher lvls.
  5. pietyy

    Just got permanently banned

    Unlucky. I've been banned numerous times after a while you will get the hang of it. Currently Maxing out a pure and main. Also been botting for atleast 5 years so i know how it goes by now. One tip: Private Scripts!! (Can recommend Worthy)
  6. pietyy

    [p][r] Wilderness looter

    high banrates btw
  7. pietyy

    Question about proxies

    Careful where you buy from them from. I'd recommend only buying them from trusted members. Here's a link to montreal he's a moderator and a trusted member of this site i've used his service quite a bit it's pretty professional. Never have an issues with the proxys either.
  8. Solely for the public to stand out it would be nice for a wintertodt script i can't believe one hasn't been made yet thats public/free/premium I went lurking in other bot forums and seen they have wintertodt scripts.
  9. pietyy

    The Wintertodt

    Good lookin
  10. pietyy

    The Wintertodt

    hm exp pr hr was it at 50 firemaking?
  11. pietyy

    [Scripter] Deluxes Private Scripts

    I seen this pop up as a recent topic. No need to be mad i'm just telling you, you should remove this as it isn't relevant anymore
  12. pietyy

    [Scripter] Deluxes Private Scripts

    You have to be premium scripter to take payments for private scripts. However you can still make private scripts for people but you cannot take payment. This is an old thread. I suggest you delete it.
  13. pietyy

    The Wintertodt

    Looks at your avatar pic *Shudders* This method would be easily bottable i think because there is so many people doing it bots will just blend in. I think i seen someone post that they made one not sure whether they are going to release it or not
  14. pietyy

    local script error

    made the class in a package called scripts? if you've done that you could try to delete your .class files @ \AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin\scripts and then letting your IDE re-create them
  15. pietyy

    local script error

    no errors are being shown in the IDE?