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  1. high banrates btw
  2. I've been taking a look at other sites recently and they have frequent new scripts Like Ofcourse the scripters make more from private scripts but still it's disappointing to see that no scripts are being made premium. Still no wintertodt as a premium? Another site which i won't mention had the wintertodt script a week after release just for an example.
  3. Careful where you buy from them from. I'd recommend only buying them from trusted members. Here's a link to montreal he's a moderator and a trusted member of this site i've used his service quite a bit it's pretty professional. Never have an issues with the proxys either.
  4. No way to know, I doubt it will make much if any difference to be honest atleast in my experience.
  5. It honestly depends on the account build, high hp accounts come in handy when being rushed yes you mentioned phoenix necklace although if the rusher looks you up and sees u have high hp the person may think that they won't be able to kill you so won't even bother. Phoenix necklace won't save you always i remember back pre eoc i was pking at edge using one of them plants to hide in, i had full void archers ring hand cannon and i got rushed a 45-48, for e:g on a voider say you pest control up to 99 range and keep relatively low hp at around 70 ish combat with slightly lower hp you will win the majority of fights against pures because of the account build and not to mention that ballista is ridiculously op more op than the hand cannon. Full conclusion: It all depends on the account build. 1 def pures = higher hp is preferable by me way easier to get destroyed by max mains voiders = can have low hp Zerker = can have relatively low hp aswell
  6. $150-200
  7. Whats the surprise guys? Weekend workers that ban bots were already confirmed a while ago. Let's not forget these 4 people aren't going to be an efficient as weath is they might not know what to look for, it's nothing to worry about as long as you are playing it smart. Sure this may make GDK farming unethical but that's good as it will make the gp rise again. Green drags are the most farmed thing in the game by big sites.
  8. LG issue which would take next to no time for the admins to fix.. Time to wait another few months before it actually gets fixed.
  9. Solely for the public to stand out it would be nice for a wintertodt script i can't believe one hasn't been made yet thats public/free/premium I went lurking in other bot forums and seen they have wintertodt scripts.
  10. Thats a no go. You don't ever transfer gp to ur main from bots bad idea. That's what mules are for. I've never had a mule get banned for real world trading. If you do that you risk getting your main banned for goldfarming/real world trading.
  11. Good lookin
  12. hm exp pr hr was it at 50 firemaking?
  13. I seen this pop up as a recent topic. No need to be mad i'm just telling you, you should remove this as it isn't relevant anymore
  14. You have to be premium scripter to take payments for private scripts. However you can still make private scripts for people but you cannot take payment. This is an old thread. I suggest you delete it.
  15. randoms do occur but you have the option to dismiss (they will vanish after a while anyway) although TriBot will do that automatically.