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  1. Do you accept TOS: Yes Amount of gold wanted: 15m. Payment option: pp Have you added me on Skype: Yes
  2. I did a lot with no breaks on rs3, stopped playing for years, than come back playing on old school and used a little, got permban, ooh #!
  3. Amount buying: 11m Payment Method (If PayPal: PayPal Balance or Credit Card)? : Paypal Balance Will you provide ID if necessary? : Yes Is your Paypal verified(leave blank if you are using different payment method) : Yes Will you vouch me?:​ Yes
  4. If you go first, I'll buy from you.
  5. Do you accept TOS: Yes Amount of gold wanted: 10m Payment option: PP Have you added me on Skype: Yes. ​
  6. karlrais I would buy with ABCL10 I'll try the free version now.
  7. I always buy osrs gp with YoHoJo via PP, If you can sell to me I'd like 10m. Thanks.
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