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  1. i can confirm there is a support for loading a blowpipe with scales/ darts from the bank
  2. set its as 50% and wear a gmaul it will click spawn when the yellow shit turns up good xp/
  3. my experience with this script, im pretty sure i bought this script a week ago just to bot my maxed zerk 99 range i started from 91 to 99 with an xp rate of (110k)/h , this took me about 3-4 with taking breaks evrey 2hours(10 min break). since i had 3 weeks of membership left i decided just to have some fun with it i made an account member with a bond and see how far i can get. if got 3 days on my bond left and im here now. https://gyazo.com/b5b0402fc4c00edceb4513303695904e keep in mind i needed like 4-5 days to get 70 str 60 attk prayer etc this is a great script to be fair !
  4. Ranging 90-99/Best Combat Script To Go With

    i blow piped from 91 to 99 range with in 3 days nmz ( i suiced botted didnt get banned )
  5. Went to osbot during downtime

    lmfao tribot is one of the best bots if used so far not even gonna lie lmfao
  6. Downtime and Compensation

    lost some days on my bonds but ight i hope this will fix up to it

  8. it keeps giving me this , The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed
  9. Good script got from 91 range to 99 range with in 3 days =) Do u suggest using rock cake with absor pots and hp flick or just prayer pots?
  10. i can lend u an account i cant add u on skype to ? this is a waste of time/ buying doesnt do shit