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  1. Error - Wrong Java

    Worked man, appreciate it. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Error - Wrong Java

    Error pic is attached, as well as, my java folders. I have downloaded 1.8.0_151 both in 32-bit and 64 bit. I have set my environmental variables. Am I doing something wrong? Why can't I run tribot?
  3. Which JDK do you need to run tribot?

    I have Java 9.0.1 and when I open tribot it says I need java 7.0_25 or higher?????? Found the answer on another page. Admin delete plz, thx.
  4. [ABCL 10][Unlimited Instances] Delta Fisher [$4/month]

    Should add use of the new SHIFT + CLICK drop feature. Most players will be using this, so it may be a step further towards not getting banned. But, this is just my opinion.
  5. RSObject rock = Objects.findNearest(); RSObject cannot be resolved to a type. The method findNearest is undefined for the type Objects. Help? Outdated maybe?
  6. Selling Iron Ore 68 ea (1k left)

    Fair Prices - Pm me on Skype if you're interested. I'll be your iron supplier until I hit 60, then I'll be moving on to coal. Skype: Number1Toxic If a mod could change the topic to "Iron Supplier 4 Hire" that'd be great, thank you.
  7. Buying Mithril Pickaxe 1.5k (New Account..)

    Thank ya, Thank ya.
  8. Buying Mithril Pickaxe 1.5k (New Account..)

    Can we pick a non-member world please? Thanks a lot
  9. OLDSCHOOL: I was wondering if anyone will sell me a mithril pickaxe for 1.5k. That's all I got, and the grand exchange wont let me sell all my ore, or anything. Help a brotha out!