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  1. What do you need 100 posts for? :P

    1. galaxy3


      to send credits to a friend, really annoying

    2. Googler


      That sucks, you can only send 5 credits per month btw so idk if that's enough...

  2. sss sd........ ........ asd kkkkkk asd asds sdfsf 555555
  3. ignore just trying to get 100 posts
  4. try updating java
  5. All for Ultimate Ironman or Ironman with high requets: Woodcutting/fletching combined Fishing/Cooking Combined Crafting Molten Glass from Charter traders Woodcutting/Firemaking combined
  6. the script stops after getting the item from the ground [17:10:25] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid range (Min: 2820, Mean: 1420, Max: 5390).[17:10:25] at org.tribot.api.General.randomSD(xt:689)[17:10:25] at scripts.daxFighter_premium.function.utils.j.a(Ground.java:160)[17:10:25] at scripts.daxFighter_premium.function.utils.j.a(Ground.java:66)[17:10:25] at scripts.daxFighter_premium.function.d.f(Manager.java:471)[17:10:25] at scripts.daxFighter_premium.Main.run(Main.java:119)[17:10:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[17:10:25] Script Ended: daxCombat AIO.
  7. whats going on
  8. Wont start? I ve been using this for a while but it wont click the first spot at the training spots.. I tried seers and varrock so far