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  1. Honeybadger


    You dont download anything locally. Make sure that you are logged in on same account for forums and client.
  2. 24-48 hours, if you're lucky. Of course it will. All your bots run off one IP address, what do you think? Matter of fact that it is your home IP address doesn't mean anything (unless you've been banned on that address before or is dynamic).
  3. If you want to run 4 accs with tab maker, you'd get your 10$ back in less than a day...
  4. I have to mention that I wanted to make dispute for this script as well. I pm'd writer and wrote post on topic detailing the problem: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/7075-money-making75hr-proggy-blue-dragon-massacre-100-300khr-bdk-abcl-10-10-credits/page-69 He's offline for almost a month....
  5. Yeah, same. Doesn't matter. There is a scriptbreaking bug @Usa When script needs to call demon servant it doesn't. Instead clicks run button in options menu.
  6. There, I fixed a typo you made there. You're welcome.
  7. It's down for now. (for 10 minutes and you're complaining like it's forever).
  8. It depends on method. If method depends on alot of unusual, random movement, then I wouldn't recommend going for high movement speeds. If movement is same, repeated process over and over again, then going high is logical thing to do. It all comes down on history. If you play legit by hand with 120-130, then setting script to run 200+ is definetly doing to be noticable.
  9. I agree, that's why I switched as well. Apart from few people there, staying in powerbot now makes no sense.
  10. I agree, tho back in 2009 it was the only community...
  11. Just out of curiosity, with their new version being release, why such a decision to switch?
  12. Seems like it is because of new runescape update in settings menu makes script broken.
  13. @Usa Ugh... gamebreaking bug, again... After it finished making tabs on lectern and there is no servant present it goes settings > and starts randomly clicking around place... what? edit: you can easily recreate this, just run it for few minutes and it breaks. This is because latest runescape update, I assume.
  14. But they really ARE @ the same banrate.
  15. There is no way you're going to achieve 1200+ accounts, not even 100 by automating tutorial island (which is one of the first steps of the whole process). No matter how good your private script is. Just by reading this makes me facepalm irl.
  16. You're wasting alot of your time and potential on something that has very little success rate considering your method of starting. Good luck tho.
  17. Dont bot on accounts you're afraid to loose.
  18. Honeybadger

    Windows 10

    It works without any issues past 24h for me. And the UI is alot better than I expected.
  19. There are way too many variables of you getting caught while having a botfarm. If you plan on trying to set up botfarm in a way that you'll try never to get banned, you're naive and should change that approach into different direction.
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