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  1. Kujaa

    Selling Steam games

    Currently on stock: Shadow of mordor. Assasin's creed Syndicate Pre-Order. mortal kombat premium edition. Mad max. The Elder Scrolls: Online Imperial Unlimited. The Elder Scrolls: Online Unlimited. More to come.... These are codes each title is a code you can redeem on steam Intrested? Please leave your skype below
  2. Title says all 18m or 18$ btc
  3. yeah this pretty much states the idea eitherway some gold selling sites accept paysafe i noticed
  4. looking to sell a paysafe card for 35$ paypal will use middleman if you lack trust. pm below skype info.
  5. title says it skype: kujaa.osb
  6. kujaa.osb on skype trusted offsite trader
  7. thanks for the headsup updated
  8. Profile of user: st4keboi Date: 8/17/2015 Feedback left: Negative Why should it be removed: The reason why he put it up is because i didnt start hes order within 50 minutes. i never stated this order would be started right away and this person just tries to be pathetic scrubb. our service has many customers wich is pretty much first come first serve, the rest gets added to the que. people cant expect this to be walmart. If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread): no proof nor does he want it removed
  9. vouching for this guy did many quests for me
  10. Kujaa

    need quests done

    lunar dip freminik trials the great brain robbery heros quest with admiral pie legends Current offer 8m all pre's and levels are done Skype: kujaa.osb
  11. Kujaa


    this and nothing more like dafuq rage ans stuff about exactly nothing
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