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  1. vouching for this guy did many quests for me
  2. lunar dip freminik trials the great brain robbery heros quest with admiral pie legends Current offer 8m all pre's and levels are done Skype: kujaa.osb
  3. this and nothing more like dafuq rage ans stuff about exactly nothing
  4. 3m hand done approx 3 hours
  5. T.O.S 1. 5m Deposit Fee is paid by workers wich is refunded after you quit yourself. scam = no refund 2. all payment for orders are paid to me not to you payment is released after the job is done and checked 3. you will make screenshots of every bank on 1st login to avoid scam and confusion . 4. not finishing orders may result in a kick from the service 5. Reasons you can get kicked from the service Bad attitude towards customers. A sudden inactivity without warning. not finishing orders taken 6. if you were involved in any scamming within osbot or any other forum you will get kicked from the service and no refund will be grantted. By posting an application, you are agreeing to the T.O.S. FORM: How many hours a day online : Skype: What do you do best:
  6. what did you order ? try relogging
  7. i did that 3 times but had to delete all tribot data and redownload
  8. please Close
  9. for any questions please add my skype : Kujaa.OSB
  10. i do both but i do not create accounts for tribot users, if you want that meet me on a other forum. There are other websites beside Tribot where people do services. Im pretty sure i never mentioned me selling accounts try to read it again.
  11. We do not create Blastfurnace accounts for tribot users