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  1. Just received your refund. Sorry about not getting back to you with the ID. I did not receive an email until coinbase just now. But thanks for the refund and sorry about the trouble. Circle used to send BTC instantly, now they do not. Circle WAS my BTC wallet you see... I simply signed up for a coinbase account and have no problems. Not gonna use circle anymore.
  2. Thanks. Circle got back to me and said that since the transaction has been confirmed that I should contact the recipient, so I'm just waiting for an action from him. He has yet to reach out to me as of 8/11. I made a coin base account shortly after this incident and I wouldn't advise anyone to send timed BTC payments using circle, as they aren't instantly sent anymore.
  3. I was using circle to buy credits via bitcoin, however, circle has a time restriction on how fast they can send coins apparently. So my transaction went through after the time was up and now I'm out about $20... I have sent a message to circle, but I'm not sure they can do anything after the coins were sent...
  4. I had trouble stopping the script once too and had to exit out of the whole client. I was gonna try before I bought it and thank god I did. I'm using a better one now.
  5. It happened once so I stopped it. It didn't seem to recognize the trap door. I have 80hp hp max and set 40hp to eat. It kept teleporting and wasted a glory. The script seemed very buggy for me. I believe it said "waiting for glory, FIXING" after I had logged out. Trial is very buggy and I would assume the actual script is too.
  6. Had trouble using glory necklace, would get stuck by edge trapdoor and repeatedly say entering. Also went down to 23hp when i hit eat at 40 and it kept panic teleling to edge and logged out when it was out of glory. I tried the trial. Pretty buggy
  7. I try to set a break at 2 min runtime for a few hours and it logs back in within 30 seconds after logging out for the break, help?
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