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  1. can you add stronghold support or fix the big frogs area in lumby cause it doesnt bank correctly there please
  2. i messaged you on skype idk if thats you or not its multiple accounts with that name @tri but this a really nice ass script the only thing that seems bot like is the taking 3 trout out and keep eating it even when its 1 hp you need and the hovering thing where it moves the mouse up and down but i havent got banned yet and all my stats for this pure is botted so far with this https://gyazo.com/45049ed71646fe651072ab528a8e2dd4
  3. bot doesnt climb up ladders in dungeons or slash webs i was under the draynor village fighting the zombies in the cellar where the zombies are and it just kept clicking off into the black part of the screen and doesnt climb up the ladder or to bank and get food please fix :\
  4. when traveling to rock crabs it uses a tab to go back to the bank after you run out of food at east/west crabs then teleports back, withdrawls a new tab from the bank and uses it so you have no tab to teleport back after you run out of food, and it glitches on the way to rock crabs and keeps clicking the river and off path then back on it, and is very bot like when doing so :\
  5. this is a really nice bot havent been banned yet, but it doesnt open doors, i was training in edgeville dungeon on skeletons before the wilderness section, and it tried to leave when on low hp and got stuck because it couldnt open the gate an i died
  6. @Mute the script uses to many tabs, it takes the long routes sometimes, it doesn't ice desert lizards or salt rock slugs it kills one then just sits there on the rest after it's supposed to be salting or cooling them, it banks full food and rewithdraws for no reason and to people having the log in log out problems turn auto relog off before you start the script lol
  7. i hope this gets fixed before my month is up
  8. this script is a waist of 10 dollars.. very buggy and bot like movements stops randomly sometimes when salting slugs or using a ice box on lizards it takes a long time, takes the longest teleports and walks all the way back to what you are slaying, like if you teleport to camelot and walk to a dungeon it will use a varrockteleport or something completely far from your task rebanks food and puts it back over and over sometimes only withdrawls one arrow, got my account banned in under 5 hours and it's annoying it was portrayed as so effecient.. this should not be 10 dollars a month.. maybe if you want to make the price so high make the script better because this mediocre script isn't worth being free lol. glitchy ass bot.. scamming peoples money i bet this has no refunds neither smh
  9. this is a nice bot its fast and everything thanks man it stops sometimes though randomly or doesnt walk right on the minimap cause it clicks up too far on the part where the minimap ends like the border of the minimap lol if you know what im sayin