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  1. Exactly, it has a pretty niche use I imagine so only if its little work to implement.
  2. Hey @Einstein, would it be possible to add an option for what to fletch?
  3. A new bug has popped up for the agility pyramid. The bot completes a lap, or falls of the first level and can't find its way back to the start of the pyramid. The message that pops up: Start the bot inside the agility pyramid
  4. The longest I've left it alone with that error is a minute, the bot starts clicking outside of the course which could be a death flag for the account. I unfortunately do not know if it can recover by itself.
  5. Hey @Einstein, occasionally the agility pyramid bot gets stuck on the third level with *walking to course*. It doesn't happen very often, maybe once every 30- mins- 60 mins but i thought ill still let you know.
  6. Hey Einstein, I've tried using the brimhaven agility bot but it seems that the hint arrow hook is broken.
  7. The agility pyramid works a lot better rn! The problem i was experiencing with the archaeologist was a looking glass problem i suspect cuz exchanging the tops for coins is much smoother on the regular client. The bot would occasionally struggle to click on the archaeologist on looking glass. Will keep you updated with bugs if they arise! Also ur cheeky bastard for this one " binge eating disorder " LOL
  8. still planning to add 20x5 sometime?
  9. Hey Einstein, I've been babysitting the pyramid bot a bit and there are a few more problems I've noticed the pyramid bot to have. 1. Difficulty detecting food, sometimes the bot instead starts overeating and gets stuck afterwards. 2. following the archaeologist to bring in the tops. 3. double clicking traps and failing the trap by going back, this is were i take most of the damage. Lemme know if you want me to copy the debug for the problems when they arise again.
  10. My bad, https://imgur.com/a/oSQB7QE. The pyramid plunder bot clicks are good but unfortunately with the current camera implementation the bot requires a lot of babysitting.
  11. These are most of the angles i get, and it often gets stuck not finding a tile after 15 - 30 mins. https://gyazo.com/fae203af35a006aeb6b98b7f14a4f23f
  12. The agility pyramid bot often takes some pretty weird angles, which sometimes causes it to walk into the moving stone piece as well. Does it require a lot of time and energy to implement an option for disabling camera movements? I feel like that option alone would be quite handy for agility pyramids.
  13. Does the agility pyramid work? And anyway to turn off camera movements?
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