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  1. Sure that would be very nice, no EST on it yet eh?
  2. Is there anyway to change the priority for hunting. the bot quite often misses a caught sally while resetting failed traps.
  3. My bad didn't see your response to the same question lol
  4. I think you misunderstood me a bit laniax. These are snaps of my chat box and inventory. The bot is not dropping any of the designated seeds to drop, instead its still spam-clicking the master farmer after the full invent. Does it not support the seedbox? Edit: Found out that the issue was the open seedbox. It does work with a closed seedbox.
  5. i'm having issues with pickpocketing masterfarmers. The bot doesn't detect the full inventory and continues spam clicking the master-farmers instead of dropping the items below the value of 1k gp.
  6. Hey Einstein, The brimhaven agility bot can't find the target dispenser for some reason. Is this just a problem on my side, or does the brim-haven bot not work right now?
  7. I noticed the hopping. I've been doing blackjacking till 99 manually since i'm quite free nowadays but the instant hopping when I was looking for a free world was a blackjack bot give away. Not sure what the best method to solve that would be tho.
  8. Probably one of the best scripts I used on tribot rn. Runs very well on looking glass as well. Any chance you'll be adding the 5 x 20 method? Btw for anyone planning to use this script, try to maintain a 45+ fps, that's when it works the best.
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