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  1. got same issue
  2. got same problem
  3. All started on 18 november, I got 16 accs banned using regular client, 19 november 45 new accounts banned, than I 20 novemeber 40 new accounts banned all using regular client, since that I am using looking glass and no bans.
  4. same here... On other websiters Ican pay with stripe but with tribiot not... meh
  5. Bought 8 tribot credits.Great guy recomended!
  6. Exchanged rs 07 gold to tribot credits. Great Seller!
  7. Well using script 8 months so, its not poorly coded.Gona track usage and report to trilez than.
  8. My custome made scripts. Paint delay 100%, always minimized clients.
  9. Using lite version since I started botting...
  10. I dunno why but with latest runescape update wich was yesterday I got higher cpu usage on same scripts that I used before update.Is it only me or you guys also notice this?
  11. np
  12. Description of the bug (be specific):Bug only happens sometimes when its using Mouse() class.I am using Mouse.clickbox(); specificly.It like pauses inside of Mouse class, I mean script is running but cant do anything cause it cant go anywhere.At that point my cpu skyrocked and do nothing. How often the bug occurs:Sometimes Triggers of the bug (if known):When trying to use Mouse.clickbox(); Java version:1.8.0_45 32 bit Max Heap Size: 256 MB TRiBot client version:9.229_1 Looking Glass (yes/no):no Operating System:Windows 7 Script Name:Private script TRiBot Old-School or RS3:Old-School Client Debug: [21:53:14] Script Stack Trace: [21:53:14] java.util.Random.nextGaussian(Random.java:585) [21:53:14] org.tribot.api.General.randomSD(bv:519) [21:53:14] org.tribot.api.input.Mouse.M(eu:323) [21:53:14] org.tribot.api.input.Mouse.clickBox(eu:637) [21:53:23] Random Stack Trace: [21:53:23] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [21:53:23] org.tribot.api.General.sleep_definite(bv:26) [21:53:23] obf.hg.i(bl:752) [21:53:23] obf.hg.M(bl:498) [21:53:23] obf.hg.run(bl:329) [21:53:23] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Bot Debug: Only on client debug I could see. Screenshots (if any): EDIT:I am using my own private script for like 10 months and this never happened so this must be with new client update.
  13. Hey taco, I got problem when bot bought only 1 item, it wants to colect that bought item but it doesnt make it somehow.Like click that buy offer than click back and loop like that.Will put bug report once I got it again, and also got abort bug, it happened only once.Like when bot wants to abort offer but in meantime that offer is fully bought before bot do abort offer, than status is abort item thats it does nothing after.Will post bug report if it happens again. @TacoManStan
  14. delete your old profile and make new.It will go away than.I done that and it works