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  1. I'm yet waiting on a ban on a account thats less then 2 weeks old
  2. You can just bot to level 30 or do the knight swords quest this will boost your level to 29
  3. Yes I know I'm using an private script but just for the sake of the tutorial I've picked a script thats high in the script repository and it claimed that it would make you ~300kh
  4. I run 3 bots on that VPS
  5. Hello guys! I am here to show you how to setup a gold farm. A little background information about me! So my name is Seds I've been gold farming for the last 3 months and I've earned around $5000 doing so , I want to share my knowledge to others with this guide. So what exactly is gold farming? According to Wikipedia gold farming is playing a massively multiplayer online game to acquire in-game currency that other players purchase in exchange for real-world money. To understand what I'm saying I'm using the terms "slaves and mules" So what is a slave? A slave is the account you bot on. So what is a mule? A mule is an account that holds the money (you can say the mule is money laundering the money from the slaves) First of all we need to purchase a few things : VPS TRiBot VIP Membership / Bonds (Optional) Script VPS : Currently I'm using Rootnerds VPS located in Germany Frankfurt Link : http://lowendbox.com/blog/rootnerds-e1-99month-or-2-61month-1gb-openvz-vps-in-frankfurt-germany/ They offer a cheap VPS for only 2.99 EURO per month. TRiBot VIP : This speaks for itself.. JUST BUY IT ALREADY Membership / Bonds (Optional) : The reason I made this optional is because its not needed however members can make more cash per hour resulting in more $/h Script : This is where it gets a little tricky , you can of course use an free script at the risk your account will get terminated fairly quick. You can also buy an Premium Script which are ABCL 10 (safer). The best thing you can do is look for money making methods on YouTube and then make your own script for it or ask someone to make you an private script. Profit So once you've got all these things we can do a little math. Lets say you've created 25 accounts each with bonds. You've bought 25 bonds for 50m You've bought 50m on the TRiBot forums for 1m/$1.4 50 x $ 1.4 = $ 60 You've purchased several VPS's for the 25 accounts. Lets say you use 5 accounts per VPS this means we would need to purchase 5x a VPS 5 x $3 = $ 15 You've purchased TRiBot VIP 1 x $8 = $ 8 For the sake of this tutorial I'll be using the script daxBlastFurnace [ELITE] 1 x $8 = $ 8 Our total loss = $ 91 Let's calculate our monthly earnings daxBlastFurnace says we make around ~300k per hour 25 accounts x 300k = 7.5m per hour x $1.2 = $ 9 7.5m x 8 hours = 60m per day x $1.2 = $ 72 60m x 7 days = 420m per week x $1.2 = $ 504 60m x 31 days = 1860m per week x $ 1.2 = $ 2232 This means that I've just made $2232 per month doing only ~1-2 hours of work everyday. Please note that accounts get banned. This will decrease your profit per hour so you should expect around $2k a month. I strongly advice that you take 1-2 hours every day to trade all the cash you've earned to your mule in case you get chain banned also if your using a script that needs resources like daxBlastFurnaces keep the resources in stock on your slaves. I hope I cleared some things up for you guys. Have fun goldfarming!
  6. FML

    @Butta mainly crafting nats and zulrah
  7. FML

    My farm is about 25-50 bots I held 900m for so long because i wanted to do 1b in 1 go since mod weath was on vacation
  8. FML

    Just got chainbanned on 5 vps lost all 25 accounts with over 900m any tips on rebuilding because this was a very big loss for me
  9. Every computer comes with an firewall but since it's in your tribot folder I should suggest to run an virus scan and post the results here
  10. Hey guys I got 5 old laptops laying around here. Is there any way I can only purchase the proxys so that I will save some cash. If you guys could tell me some cheap proxys would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello guys , First of all im sorry for posting this here I don't exactly know where to post this. So I just started into the whole goldfarming scene and I have $250 left to invest. I have 30 accounts that are member. I need help with searching an VPS , I want to run all 30 accounts through a VPS. 5 accounts per VPS and Linux based. My questions are : What's the best price to quality VPS out there? What requirements would the VPS need if I ran 5 accounts on it (RAM memory , proccesor etc) I hope someone can clear this up for me Thanks in advance
  12. Ran it smoothly for 5 hours now without being banned or bugged. Thank you for this script.