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  1. Powerbot, what's that? Haha jokes. I used powerbot a few years ago, my favorite scripts were iDungeon Pro, a Soul Wars script and Sorc Garden Script.
  2. I done a quick Google search the other day. My understanding was it is a similar reason to why I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet from Windows 7; 6.5 is more stable and supports more applications etc.
  3. If you aren't able to do it, remind me tomorrow (Messenger), as I am waiting on a CentOS 6 x64 VPS which I will setup tonight.
  4. Using Looking Glass there will be a bit of a lag/delay. Pretty sure there's little or no lag using just TRiBot. Possibly just settings of the script, delaying the paint.
  5. @Aguacate what do you mean?
  6. TRiLeZ says to delete Jagex's cache from user files and delete cookies. Some people believe Jagex do chain bans. No one knows exactly but I would say it was a goldfarming script you were running and was a manual ban, they would/could check linked accounts by IP and ban them too. If it was a popular poor coded (usually free) script, then they can use their anti-botting systems to mass ban accounts they know are using that script.
  7. @Aguacate If I am right, you want to get VIP but your credit/debit cards are being declined? Try use PayPal, if that doesn't work then Buy Credits using GP here - https://tribot.org/forums/forum/171-repository-credits/
  8. The Max Cash Dupe Gold Sellers Duel Arena Glitches Corp Glitch Top Dicing Hosts Probably almost thousands that have made $10K+ off of Runescape.
  9. F2P botting using Free scripts is a sure way to get banned within 3 days. No looking glass either, that's overkill!
  10. This. It will take hours to get a Bond. Pay for it using GP and it's about $2. :l $2 or hours grindscaping?
  11. Legally, yes! As it is 'income'. However I believe 99% or more don't!
  12. Your shoulder are a relatively small muscle. They are also worked when you train your chest. However they should still be trained, I gave them a whole day and results were great. Exercises: Seated DB shoulder press (many will probably say a military press but, that's just too much core for me, as you said, you specially want to train your shoulders - also, I like to go heavy. Can't with military press and the smith machine forces an unusual movement, no ty) Arnold Press, about 2/3 of the weight you do with seated DB presses. Side detoild raise but with cables, single armed. Reverse dumbbell flys. As I said I like to go heavy so 4 sets 8 reps but change how you like. Basic 3 x 10 works well. or if you want to gain strength, good ' 5 x 5. I always do 3 sets 10 - 12 reps on smaller exercises, such as cables, rev db fly etc.
  13. @Flamo353 I managed to get this private void gloryTeleport() { GameTab.open(TABS.EQUIPMENT); if(GameTab.getOpen() != TABS.EQUIPMENT) { return; } RSInterfaceChild neckSlot = Interfaces.get(387, 8); neckSlot.click("Edgeville"); }Which will teleport to edge if a glory with charges is worn. However it will still try if one isn't worn, so I need to make sure when banking a charged glory is on. Whats the best way to do this? I will need to make sure a glory with atleast 1 charge is worn, if not, I will need to un-equip the glory bank it and withdraw and wear a glory (4).
  14. I want to use Glory teleporting in my script. What is the best way for this? Do I need to create separate ints for glory 1, glory 2, glory 3, glory 4 then when using tele or checking if a glory with at least 1 charge is worn, I don't need to check all 4 ints. and can I do the same for stamina pots.
  15. Hi All I need help on how to successfully make a script use the Canoe. Also how do I click a interface (trying to click which boat to make). Canoe ID is 12166 Found this on forums by integer: boolean isLaidDown() { return Game.getSetting(674) == 167772160; } boolean isShaped() { return Game.getSetting(675) == 524292; } boolean isInTheRiver() { return Game.getSetting(674) == 234881024; } boolean isInTheCutScene() { return Game.getSetting(427) == 0; }I have practically no experience scripting but this is what I have come up with. It isn't working which is why I am here for help private void UseCanoe() { DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(canoe[0], "Chop"); sleep(5000); //change if(isLaidDown()) { DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(canoe[0], "Shape-Canoe"); sleep(5000); //change //Need code to click "Make a waka" on interface if(isShaped()) { DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(canoe[0], "Float"); sleep(5000); //change } } }