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  1. I downloaded the source of Monts Castle Wars afker and just wanted to change a few things, I want to change the area the script runs to afk (just want it to go up the ladder and chill instead of running behind wall) could someone please help me edit this code https://tribot.org/forums/topic/65182-monts-castle-wars-afker https://github.com/jroy8/TribotScripting/tree/master/src/scripts/MontsCwars
  2. Great script man! Have run like 5 accounts through all quests and it's been flawless! Can't wait to see what's next!
  3. Had the same issue here! Tor worked great for months but started locking accounts for me then aswel.. Lost my mule to locking
  4. I blurred myself out next to the guy in barrows... Notice the red? Lol Been working on the account a fair bit, did some extra quests and got another 250+ total levels so far
  5. Nice man how long did it take? Mine got banned at like 80 so I've been training up a few more and hoping I can get them high Mage
  6. Keen to see how your accounts are going man!
  7. Used this script for strength and range, best combat script on tribot https://tribot.org/forums/topic/57099-achieved-max-pure-from-scratch-d/ username1, username2, username3, username4No space before the comma
  8. Stun alched using tri's aio combat and magic script, I just found a quiet spot with something in a cage. 94 didn't take long once I hit 80
  9. Your script <3 i used ppots when i did str and switched to absorbs for range (hadn't tried that method before) flawless script, shame i just missed out on the potions buying feature haha oh and range was done with mage bow and rune arrows
  10. No real method.. Account is 100% botted apart from the questing i did at lower levels, used LG probably twice. Tried to avoid botting combat in heavily botted areas like crabs I even used walking scripts when i couldn't be fucked myself haha
  11. Thanks TRiBot, managed to max out a pure in a couple of months without a ban!! Account was fully funded from my goldfarms running aswel! Time to work on a main
  12. Scripts been working well after I zoomed my camera out a little more would also love to see a dynamic sig to see how much I make! Hopefully account lasts till 94 Mage and I'll turn it into my new main haha
  13. ExNightmareZone for sure man! got 99 str on my 1 def pure and just finished up 99 range there HIGHLYYYY recommend his script
  14. Wouldn't bot this on your main, most people make gdk accounts with 70-60-50ish stats