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  1. It shouldn't tele away from people out of your combat bracket
  2. I've caught the poll booth screen a couple times in the past couple days aswel
  3. I pmed him and he fixed it for me in the 9.5 update, something to do with skulling was broken
  4. no, havn't changed anything ive been using the script for a while
  5. same results on my vps and pc.. have fully deleted tribot on both
  6. Ive tried the script on my pc and vps multiple times, its like the update never worked for me. It gets stuck in a loop going in the portal thinking its skulled
  7. @Usa please fix script. I'm still having the evading issue and people are getting skulled. I've lost like 5 days of botting cause the script hasn't worked.
  8. Not sure how yours is working perfectly cause mine still thinks it's skulled and is stuck in a loop of teleing to clan wars and going in the portal
  9. still having problems with script saying evading
  10. is anyone else having problems with the bot not starting? just says "GUI"
  11. Keeps getting stuck in a loop turning roofs off at the start of the tutorial
  12. also have run into the poll booth bug a couple times but not very often script runs great
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