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  1. hey there, problem with the potion drinker. I place my 2 pots, super str, and super att, in the chosen section, and it only drinks the first potion listed. When I put 3 pots, str, att, def, same thing, only drinks the first one. Whats wrong
  2. When your character DC,s logs out,, or after the 6 hour period, whenever they log out, the bot doesn't unlock the coffer. It actually never clicks the coffer to unlock it, but says "unlocking coffer" in the bottom right hand corner where it says what the bot does.
  3. I will, but another thing, the script says unlocking coffer when my coffer is unlocked, but it never actually clicks is, just hovers over the coffer and stays there for countless minutes and does nothing As well, as a suggestion, can you add the option to drink a prayer potion if its in the inventory if pray goes under X amount? This would be the most useful for absorption training, as flicking rapid heal makes the prayer run out before absorptions run out.
  4. Sure, but pretty much the script only flicks rapid heal when @ 1hp, not 2, 3, etc. The problem is, my hp goes up to 2 when the script clicks on absorption potions at the beginning. etc... I start the bot, goes into nmz. Then the first thing it does is drink an overload, then guzzles rock cake down to 1 hp. guzzling the rock cake down to 1 doesnt reset the hp counter to go up. so say my hp needs only 15 more seconds to regenerate 1 hp. The rock cake would guzzle down to 1hp, then drink the absorptions. The problem is it doesnt click rapid heal before drinking absorptions, and hp goes up to 2. And clicking rapid heal stops then. Pretty much just asking to add another button to either set the desired hp you want to click at, or click rapid heal 5 and below hp. Just so the game doesn't go to waste.
  5. Hey, about 1/3 games when overloading/rock caking down to 1 hp, then absorptioning, my hp goes up to 2, and the flick doesnt work, therefore hp gaining. Can you please add an option to flick hp when it is 5 or below? kinda annoying how some games are ruined by it not clicking rapid heal when absorptioning at the beginning, Thank you
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