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  1. im getting the message ' there was a problem please contact us' when i try to upload my mouse data please let me know. thanks
  2. LOOKS LIKE TRIBOT ARE THE ONLY ONES BEING PRODUCTIVE ON AN ANTI BOT DETECTION IDEA. LOYAL TO TRIBOT. THIS IS MY MOUSE DATA Xmouse_data-248342-1522857237676.dat Xmouse_data-248342-1523193826846.dat
  3. @Usa doesn't want to click the amulet (u) after using the gold bar on the furnace !! please sort it need that bond and this is the only wayy
  4. having a problem with making gold amulet (u) it clicked the gold bar uses it on the furnace but just doesn't click the gold amulet option just waits there, i was waiting for 10 minutes and it still did nothing any suggestions?
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