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    Im new in the world of bot but i think im gonna like that :)

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  1. risked if you dont have proxy on each account.
  2. @Seds Nice guide m8 !
  3. @foebotting hahaha
  4. Me too i got that today :'(
  5. @TechnologyZ Nice
  6. @patoon17 http://socks5proxies.net/
  7. @OmfgWdf Yes but now im botting my main for 99 fishing 10 hours per day i need to stop ?
  8. @Darkfarm420 https://tribot.org/#pricing
  9. @silver8787 ohh.. and fishing its low right ?
  10. @Butta yes but this is my main he have over 1 year on my ip
  11. @Butta yes i using two main account (over level 40 combat without botting) and one of them get ban when i have use aAgility PREMIUM and the another never get ban and im using Auto fisher Pro
  12. One of my account (i just have 2) get banned for two days for macro but my ip are flagger or not because im botting my main now this is risked i need to buy a proxy ?
  13. @I_Monkzz I dont have this luck
  14. @TiempoSales Damn thx for the information guys !