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  1. Wow, thanks for that amazing answer, you're right about this. I don't really need to do that, i've wanted to but not really for some good reason like just try to know the feel... but yup i'm gonna focus on what is more important.
  2. Sup guys! I'm actually botting a littble bit on my main and i'm thinking about starting in the goldfarming. Any advices or tips? (I know my question is pretty general but i haven't really check how to start it, cost or really not a problem for me)
  3. Will follow your updates for sure! Good luck bud
  4. Just seen a video on yt about this so be carful player tryna know the pattern of the bot (wich item they pick)
  5. So i just came back to osrs and tribot But i don't remember how many hours should i do per day (for woodcutting btw) and for the ip i'm doing this at my job (marketing office), my home and my girlfriend house... Advices?
  6. risked if you dont have proxy on each account.
  7. @Twitch im not but you you cant give me 0.50$USD ? (Poor Guy Activated)
  8. i know that looks very not legit but i really need 0.50$USD on my paypal i can give u a vanilla mastercard with 2.47$CAD on it (i dont know its how many in usd) so if somebody are really nice he can add my skype: Rubbby.TRiBot
  9. So guys im selling 30m for 39$ USD or 1m for 1.3$/m If you dont have a lot of feedback u go first or we gonna use a mm. Skype: Rubbby.TRiBot Sold.
  10. Selling 14m (1.3$/m). PM me or add my skype Rubbby.TRiBot !!! Aleardy SOLD
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