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  1. Best script for NMZ hands down. Thanks my dude.
  2. zickzucker


    You could make one too unless you have another script bout to drop.
  3. Damn took a break from RS comeback to see your scripts becoming ever better, even with the graphics. Grats on the release if i find the time ill make a new account to run this on. What would you rec the minimum stats to run?
  4. Has jungle potion been improved or do you need more reports?
  5. What script did you use for mlm? Havnt had any accounts last long there with the script im paying for.
  6. Used a on fresh account on brand new IP, had no issues other than working out arguments. Some said argument not recognized, unsure if it meant food or the one after (foodname:Lobster;useglory) but it used the glory so im not 100% sure what its referring too. Other than that it works perfectly. P.S for the new argument people just pretype what you want in a notepad or w.e and copy and paste it and fix errors if you have any.
  7. Basically I wouldnt bot on it again if I cared about having to bot up another account. I have a few accounts that had been 2-day banned and I let rest for a month or so before i continue my plans for them. The account is never going to be yours because your friend can change is mind at any moment he sees wealth on the account and recover it, but i don't know how close you guys are and how hardcore he is. Learned the hard way Pixels > Friendship.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, i could of sworn I was doing it right the first time with chairs but they didn't seem to work. Also thanks for the suggestion reply and yeah it would be inefficient was only thinking of my small error i was having temporarily.
  9. Been trying to make bookcases for 4-33 but it doesnt seem to pick up im building them. Is there a way to add a selection option instead of relying on making us build something? E- was building oak chairs they came up as rocking armchair and mahogany chairs and not just oak chairs.
  10. Havnt gone through all the comments but I have a few ideas if possible for the script. After tut island, kill a few chickens to a targeted level of user or your basic needs for script progression. Bang a out a few simple quest, rune mystery and cooks assistant Get basic skilling skills to 10/20 Also if the account has membs knock out varrock museum miniquest and abyss miniquest. I dont know how easy the quest parts are or not but yeah a few ideas for a new account to get things done.
  11. Whats the format? Wasn't really attempting to report though was letting others know where the script might need manual assistance.
  12. So far using the script, got stuck opening door at witches house, but with manual key retrieval it finished. Just watched it to fight arena, got stuck trying to open door to get to bar for brew. I believe it attempts to safespot but fails which makes you die during fight arena. Will update as it goes.
  13. 3rd time this script has gotten me from 50-99 fm 0 bans. What i do: Hybrid fletch till 65-70 then just fletch from 70-99. Don't play regular inbetween botting sessions or if you must, watch the bot play and try to mimic its behaviors.
  14. Been using this bad boy for about a good bit, using the chop and burn method. Been good so far, will post a prog when im done.
  15. I havnt been chain banned on same IP before, but 1 using a proxy. Im sure they both will be dead by monday morning though.
  16. Currently getting attempting 2 accounts at agility. Ones at 78 other at 59. Using 2 different scripts and both are not taking breaks but getting 6hrs~ daily. Idc if they get banned I just wanted to see how they did after 2 weeks of nothing but agility.
  17. Also on vampire slayer, gets stuck at steps when it has to click basement stairs to kill the count.
  18. Debug says waiting for items to purchase they insta bought and it just sits there.
  19. Used the script again for another set of accounts, needs rooftops turned off and doors cant be opened, stood there for a good 7mins before i noticed. Otherwise it worked with everything else.
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