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  1. My tribot dosent start im trying to run it on rs3, i log in and after i get this message (Photo) It just turns off
  2. Tried reinstalling Java
  3. My bot dosen't start it, press log in and after the window ends, it dosent start... HELP
  4. It didn't do aything for the whole hour, thats what im trying to say, im a bit dissapointed in the trial.. :/
  5. http://i.imgur.com/OKrsL8c.png Trial. Thank you made my bank.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/JfGjCn0.png Mine just waits for loot and stands like that while the dragon is killing him... Wth i dont want to waste my days of auth.. How do i fix this?
  7. Just bought one auth, it just comes and picks up loot, dont attack the dragons that are attacking him.. Wtf?
  8. @TacoManStan Hi i just bought the motherlore miner, and it shows an error [03:35:36] There was a problem updating your dyanmic signature data.[03:35:36] Script Ended: Tau Motherlode Miner.What should i do?
  9. P.S Tried reinstalling tribot.
  10. Hi guys, so today i log into my pc, and my tribot_Loader dosen't work anymore.. Yesterday was just fine. I double click it and nothing happens.. Any suggestions?
  11. @silver8787 First of all, i said i have no money to waste, and second of all i said i dont have time arguing with you becouse u were being mean for no reason.
  12. @Duhstin Trial and error?
  13. @Duhstin Where do you recomend me to invest money? On bonds? for some of my bots?
  14. @Duhstin Could you give me ur skype? We could talk over there
  15. @silver8787 Dude i dont want to waste money on random s**t, i came to ask for advice if u can't understand that just leave i dont want to argue with u