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  1. Due to these new rs update tri can you inform me when the bots are back up (hopefully soon) i wanted to buy this bot also. thx dec
  2. script is down? won't world hop, and if i turn off world hopping it just keeps saying started fighting finished fighting started fighting finished fighting ?? thx dec
  3. ill get some screen shots for you as i tried sleeping on the bot last night and it got stuck in a couple of positions, pot system seems to working fine now guess i was just being a tard, thx for reply ill get back to you about the small bugs I've found. thx dec
  4. This script is amazing, love it, I've encounter two problems though. 1. I got stuck once in the woods after crabs (east) were non aggressive stood me there for five minutes and then logged me due to my safety feature settings, i aint had this problem since but wondered why it happened once? 2. I can't understand the potting system why is it -? i guess that works for prayer pots but I'm using super combat potions my setting is set at -0 but it still won't drink it? any ideas? Thx Dec
  5. done trial version would even get me from bank to relekka wtf?! just keeps going wrong way gf
  6. ?i am on a mac would this change this setting because i can't see nothing like 86x in the launcher? thx
  7. So I've managed to do most by my own, sorting out downloading of scripts running the bot, but i get to the looking glass and its fuzzy as hell can't even see anything. i think its because rs is running on 32 bit and glass is running of 64? how do i change it? thx dec