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  1. im very interested in this, but PLEASE make sure defence isnt trained at all
  2. Pretty much this tbh
  3. YoHoJo requesting delete of this comment as that particular problem has been resolved
  4. I would like you to know that i have absolutely nothing to do with this.. unfortunately post has hit me too, for 35m. i have nothing left in my bank at all.. somebody that i thought i could trust. it hits hard
  5. man, good luck to you tbh. im also trying to make a zerker, just not maxed. we should share proggies with eachother
  6. lmao. this is amazing good luck with your goals my friend
  7. goodluck to you, hope you dont get fully banned D:
  8. goodluck to you my friend!
  9. damn man, looking great! good luck to you!
  10. hey man, good luck on your ventures with goldfarming! i'd love to know your secret please
  11. hmm, well then im unsure of what to tell you apart from to report your issues directly to an admin or something.. maybe Usa can help you out?
  12. hello TacoManStan, today when i tried to load up Tau Motherlode, it came up saying that i had used the script too many times? why is this when i purchased unlimited auths? please help
  13. it sounds to me like it definitely is a client issue. last time i had an issue like this, i deleted tribot and redownloaded. after that it worked fine for me try that out, and if it doesnt work, report your client issue to an admin, and report the script error to the creator. hope this helps!