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  1. zippyfox

    SwagSplasher - An AFK splashing script

    is this still working fine? do i need to be in lumby cellar for this to work?
  2. hello, i just recently bought this (10 minutes ago) and i am wondering.. does this bot have progressive defender collecting? if i set it to rune will it gather all the others necessary?
  3. zippyfox

    Best combat script/ difference between them ?

    Pretty much this tbh
  4. zippyfox

    Script won't load?

    hmm, well then im unsure of what to tell you apart from to report your issues directly to an admin or something.. maybe Usa can help you out?
  5. zippyfox

    [FREE] [ABCL 10] Tau Motherlode Miner

    hello TacoManStan, today when i tried to load up Tau Motherlode, it came up saying that i had used the script too many times? why is this when i purchased unlimited auths? please help
  6. zippyfox

    Script won't load?

    it sounds to me like it definitely is a client issue. last time i had an issue like this, i deleted tribot and redownloaded. after that it worked fine for me try that out, and if it doesnt work, report your client issue to an admin, and report the script error to the creator. hope this helps!
  7. how easy is this to use? im thinking of getting it. is it worth using the fast point mode at 9 slayer? are there any tasks given for 9 slayer, that i should skip?
  8. Really helpful bud, i appreciate your service!

  9. @Starfox a year after i bought this script, and its still running smooth AF. very nice man <3
  10. i've high alched for 30+ hours on my old account with this script, and i have noticed it uses random intervals at times. not too much, just enough to make it human-like
  11. I used it for 8 hours straight doing fire runes. that was a week ago and i still havent been banned for it