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  1. after buying this script and using it, both babysitting and leaving it alone, i have noticed that while doing the rock cake to guzzle method it sometimes kills itself, wasting a few absorption potions and 1 dose of overload. im using the Dharok Method. it also seems to not bring me in many points/xp per hour (100k points per hour and 48k attack/strength/def xp), but this could be due to my stats being quite low
  2. hey erik! just trying out the free 2hr trial and things seem to be pretty damn good so far. at the moment, been going for 45 minutes, however i need to ask - Doing the DH method i have the RFD monsters enabled for maximum points, but it has no real support for fire or ice. is there a way i can set it so that it brings ice gloves for fire and a blowpipe for ice or something like that to get the maximum points per hour? or would you recommend until 80-90 stats not to do dharok?
  3. it keeps calling the butler early to try and get the planks (pretty much as soon as it sends him away), could this increase my chance of ban??
  4. is this still working fine? do i need to be in lumby cellar for this to work?
  5. purchased a fire cape over 3 hours ago from his site. added him on skype, contacted live chat, sent screenshots, still havent heard anything from any of his workers even though it says guaranteed 10-30 minute reply.
  6. hello, i just recently bought this (10 minutes ago) and i am wondering.. does this bot have progressive defender collecting? if i set it to rune will it gather all the others necessary?
  7. im very interested in this, but PLEASE make sure defence isnt trained at all
  8. YoHoJo requesting delete of this comment as that particular problem has been resolved
  9. I would like you to know that i have absolutely nothing to do with this.. unfortunately post has hit me too, for 35m. i have nothing left in my bank at all.. somebody that i thought i could trust. it hits hard
  10. man, good luck to you tbh. im also trying to make a zerker, just not maxed. we should share proggies with eachother
  11. lmao. this is amazing good luck with your goals my friend
  12. goodluck to you, hope you dont get fully banned D:
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