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  1. Anyone have the NPC ID's for blue and green? Red is 2300 but I've had no luck with 2998, 2999, 2301, 2302 etc.
  2. I use the ID's to get an inventory item count, but yeah totally forgot they are the same as the ones in the 317 database. Guess I have to baby sit until i get the npc's
  3. Anyone with the set, could you post an inventory screenshot with IDs turned on. Ty <3
  4. Thanks man. Really awesome gui too.
  5. Ffs. I switch back to check on my char looting pumpkins, there is one on the floor and the client is frozen/crashed.
  6. http://www.innovation.ch/java/java_compile.html Source file 1 is your .java jar file 1 you need select all of the contents of your dependencies folder
  7. If you have the login bot set to false and are manually using Login.login() then yes it can cause problems.
  8. I posted this on the sticky in the Bot Help section but I'll post it here also
  9. that's not his hopping methods
  10. RSNPC[] rare = NPCs.findNearest("Pumpkin"); if (rare.length > 0) { if (rare[0] != null) { if (rare[0].isOnScreen()) { if (!Player.isMoving()) { rare[0].click(); sleep(1000); } } else { if (!Player.isMoving()) { Camera.turnToTile(rare[0].getPosition()); Walking.walkPath(Walking.generateStraightPath(rare[0].getPosition())); } } } }Assuming it's an npc, and its name is Pumpkin
  11. RSItem ID and its spawn (NPC) ID are different. Unless they changed it back to items, but i doubt it.