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  1. It was almost exactly 1 year ago when i was totally cleaned, when tribot client was detectable. I would not say it is detectable again, but the 3 updates in few days made it a bit suspicious to me.
  2. The ban hammer is here, just lost all of my accounts.
  3. It was explained several times why is it disabled. It would simply ruin margins on pretty much everything. Lets say both your and my bot are flipping nats. My bot price check it for 230 buy 240 sell and put in an offer - yours undercut it for 231 239- mine undercut it for 232 -238. This happens few more times and we make the margin to zero in few mins while none of us made any profit.
  4. What do you mean by price checking fix? There is no problem with price checking at all.
  5. I noticed this as well, especially during rs update times.
  6. No offence but if you plan to bot on an account with 300m, it is highly recommended to read at least the OP and the last 10-20post in the scripts topic to be prepared events like this. This was mentioned at least ten times in the last few pages.
  7. @@ 5000th post in the topic Nice to see that the script is still running good and flawlessly after almost 1.5 years.
  8. You need to decrease the number if you want it to hoard less.
  9. Im not against it if you find a way which is not fully open but still helps to raise your sales somehow. My problem with a fully open online database is that I remember when Zulrah slayer was published with an open high scores database ppl started complaining and linking it to reddit and the official forum and started a massive witch-hunt against botters. As a result many ppl were banned and Worthy had to take down the high scores. It was good to boost the sales when released but the long term impact was very bad.
  10. You can find the total and top 5 in Taco's sig and if you read the first post carefully you can find how to get it by user. I rater don't post it here, I don't think anyone wants unneeded attention.
  11. This message in debug is normal dont worry about it. Osbuddy server was a bit laggy in the past hour, your issue most likely connected tonthat problem.
  12. I experience this quite frequently as well. I see an account makes 200k/h at let say 8h with 1,6m total and 2 hours later it is 100k/h and 1m total. I do not think it is an item crash or a real money loss, but simply just the inaccurate profit calculation in the first few hours. The first few hours profit is just a very optimistic expectation and the total falls down significantly when it becomes actual realized profit.
  13. If you manage to make that on 8hours+ sample consistently, you are better to not change any settings.