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  1. I tought you will understand that the point was the other shop not the sunglasses. If more company sell the same product and the price difference cant be justified by the the quality of the product then the customers will buy the cheaper and wont throw in extra 2-300usd regardless they earn 500 or 10000/month when they can buy basically the same product on the market for 15 usd.
  2. Of course I am and tbh I do not really feel bad about it, this is how markets work. If you felt bad about this as a botter you could have donate - the option was always there. Im a customer, running a "business" and looking for the best possible deal. If I go to shopping and buy a pair of nice sunglasses on 50% discount I do not feel bad about the shop because they only make half of the profit on my purchase compared to other sellers. I like to shop in that store. somewhat loyal to them but if others sell the same quality for better price I go there. With the new change, Tribots prices will be on par with competition for botters running 1-2 bots, but could easily be like 20-100 times more expensive for gold farmers. You are expecting more revenue flow from them and assume that the farmers will stay and pay significantly more after lifetimes disappears - In my case it would be 100-150 times more per month at current prices after the 6 months grace period - but to get there Tribot needs to be far ahead of competitors to justify that price tag - as it was when I started botting, but not sure if it is still the case. I hope I will change my opinion after the 6 month period and the promised development, updates, competition etc. will brings us to the new botting wonderland, time will tell.
  3. In the last year, there were only like 3 premium scripts release (and at least the same amount got discontinued or still up for sale without functioning properly), the client got zero functional updates besides the bug fixes after the weekly rs updates. We did not see any competition that everyone mentions just lack of interest from both developers and scripters side -there are a few exception ofc, this is my feeling in general. I don't see that punishing old loyal customers will solve this, but we will see in 6 months. I hope you will be right and this update will make Tribot as great again as it was 1-2 years ago.
  4. There was an investor (Ron Wayne) who sold his 10% share in Apple for USD 800 in 1976. Both him and the buyer agreed that it was fair price at that moment. Now that pack of stocks worth billions, it still does not mean that the buyer shall forfeit the deal, give back the stocks for free and then repurchase them from Wayne at the current market price.
  5. I don't think it is too ethical to change this things retrospectively and pretty sure when Office and Windows did this, they did not touch old buyers who who bought mass licences before the switch. I can agree with the idea of get the massive gold farmers contribute more, but strongly disagree with the part of changing lifetime unlimited purchase's terms and conditions retrospectively. When a scripter listed lifetime he/she prices it accordingly (basically looking for as high income as possible as early as possible) and the buyer paid the extra for putting the faith that it will really be available/supported etc. for a long period, it was not even guaranteed at the time of purchase that Tribot does not go offline and disappear within few months . Both party were happy at the time of the trade. Maybe later the scripter and Tribot staff realised that it would be wiser to avoid unlimited and would make more profit with monthly, but the user ran quite significant risks too. I understand the reasoning, but based on that it would be more fair to have a system like VIP-E=up to 5 instance and for 5+ $.3 per instance on the top of that which I would happy to pay keeping other things unchanged.
  6. Did you manage to solve this? I have the same problem..
  7. @[email protected]@justpixels My bots are running on like 5-10k/h since last week. Something is clearly wrong. Guideprice=-1; Can trade:false; offervalue:-1etc.. Usual things like restart twice, delete cache and hooks, reload items do not help. Bot debug is also full of unusual errors:
  8. I did not try, but pretty sure that it is not worth to run it on f2p. Get a bond and it will earn you the money back in no time. In general 4.36k profit per hour is about right if you have 300k stack. You can expect your hourly profit to be around 0,4-1% of your cash stack, but it is capable to make that return on very high cash stacks as well.
  9. xfish

    GG 210B guy lol

    Few weeks ago I went to someone who used to be"big" seller and I sold to them them quite a lot before. They said in live chat that they only keep 50m stock but they are quite overstocked so only buying 20m at the moment LMAO. The only guys who hold 1b+ stocks I see nowadays are some big chinese sellers. I feel myself extremly lucky if I can find anyone who can take at least 300m instantly.
  10. You always need to restart tribot twice after the RS updates due to a client bug. It will work fine.
  11. Someone post something like this every thursday for like a year now. It is related to the client bug, to avoid it - turn off the auto restart client function in the settings and always restart the client twice after the game is updated.
  12. You always need to restart the client twice after rs updates. It is caused by a bug in the client.
  13. The very little info we got from Trilez came from discord as well, there was nothing else than Yohos announcment was available for us in the official forum during the entiredowntime. It would be nice if staff would comply with this no discord guideline as well in the future.
  14. This makes zero sense. If you rake in revenue in the 5 digit range and are solely dependent on IT solutions and computing power, it is mandatory to have a back up pc or some capital laying around for buying an extra one if needed. It's like Dominos would shut it doors for weeks just because they run out of $1 ketchup.
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