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  1. Gets frozen on start up, not even showing GUI. All tribot gets frozen. Running on Mac OS. Thank you
  2. I think they have tribot detected again. Got banned 16 accounts at the end of each weekend for the last 4 weeks.
  3. It says "Stoping script due not having level 10 in crafting".... happening since this morning update. I have more than lvl 10 crafting. thank you
  4. having the same issue on my vps, linux system
  5. is crashing today just config window comes up, then click on start and then crash
  6. working again thanks
  7. what a shame i would have bought
  8. since i can't purchase with paypal due nasty "fraudulent payment", im giving 7.5$ pm me with ur Skype.
  9. indeed it is not working.
  10. Could you pm me skype? So i cand lend u acc
  11. if you give me 24 hours i lend u one thank you