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  1. Gets frozen on start up, not even showing GUI. All tribot gets frozen. Running on Mac OS. Thank you
  2. I think they have tribot detected again. Got banned 16 accounts at the end of each weekend for the last 4 weeks.
  3. It says "Stoping script due not having level 10 in crafting".... happening since this morning update. I have more than lvl 10 crafting. thank you
  4. is crashing today just config window comes up, then click on start and then crash
  5. what a shame i would have bought
  6. PM me with ur skype or leave it here. Paying with paypal or 07 gold
  7. since i can't purchase with paypal due nasty "fraudulent payment", im giving 7.5$ pm me with ur Skype.
  8. Could you pm me skype? So i cand lend u acc
  9. if you give me 24 hours i lend u one thank you
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