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  1. New Shirt - What do you think?

    Nah, mines better
  2. 54 accounts banned

    Stop botting like an idiot then?
  3. Tri is there any possibility you could make an option where you can turn off the anti-ban or is that built into the bot? For things like 'Teleport to...' spells require only clicking when done legit, the anti-ban makes it look more bot like
  4. @Tri I've had so much trouble with Bones to peaches tabs at the moment, it's very hit and miss. Sometimes just after it has clicked the tab to create peaches it says in the debug "OUT OF SUPPLIES" and logs out yet other times it works perfectly.
  5. How does this work?

    This is defined under the public class, so this would run throughout the object. This means that if, in any part of the code 'lumbyBank' is called, it will refer back to the LUMBRIDGE_CASTLE variable called in the 'Banks' class
  6. Used only premium scripts, they still knew?

    As a rule of thumb, most money making bots are banned very quickly, you have to remember that GP is used to buy bonds so it affects Jagex's income so they watch them bots a lot more carefully.
  7. Triangular arrays

    And is it essentially a square/rectangle array with 0 values or is it actually possible to compute an array as a triangle?
  8. Triangular arrays

    Yeah, I'm guessing the smaller the array the easier
  9. Triangular arrays

    It's mad that about 4 months ago I was looking at buying your GDK script to find out you're sitting in the very same lectures as me a few times a week
  10. Triangular arrays

    Is he ever happy? It's such a small world haha
  11. Triangular arrays

    For my uni course we are currently learning about triangular arrays. My question is - how do you create and implement a triangular array with fixed values? I've read other tutorials but they are not set out in the same way as the task in hand so it's hard to learn from.