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  1. I got a quick questions how are you botting safe running it 24/7
  2. Bro I don't know whats wrong with the script but its not working and hasn't been for almost 6 hours. @kuh47 Basically in jagex view they see you playing either on the RS client or OSBuddy, whatever one you use.
  3. meos

    my accounts arnt even lasting 15 hours

    Areas in which you are botting might come into play as well.
  4. Bought proxies from this guy and a VPS. But wow the customer service is outstanding! Responds to every message either PM or email within very reasonable time. Also by the way the proxies are great! Vouch
  5. Was fun getting to this mark at first i didnt think i would get there do to my luck in finding 6-8 hours then ban. but it was awesome being able to use this script. Very reliable! Recommend for any starter.
  6. I been doing essence bots for the past 2-3 days. But the quest is just taxing when you set up bots for essence mine only. So is there currently a Q script that is available, or at least on in the making?
  7. meos

    Whats a good place to buy proxy's

    Whats the difference from a proxy and a vps?
  8. meos

    Whats a good place to buy proxy's

    Alright ill go check them out thank you guys
  9. So im looking for some proxies for my new bots. Recently got banned on 4 of my 5 old bots and i think it may be because they were all on the same ip. I found a free proxy site, but should i use it?