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  1. shenanigans

    Guys, I'm Back :)

    currently testing out my gmaul rusher, its so much fun!
  2. shenanigans

    woodcutting/firemaking script

    i recently hit 99 wc on a suicide account doing willows 12 hours a day, it's pretty fine imo.
  3. shenanigans

    Basic attack case

    try replacing "pirate" with npc id.
  4. shenanigans

    Private Rock Crabber Request!

    @Worthy does private script services.
  5. shenanigans

    Not able to create Runescape account.

    im sorry to tell you but you do look like a black person..
  6. http://lets-flip.com/pages/2007-oldschool-runescape-flip-chart/ (i believe you have to register an account first). Search for items with high buy/sell margin which also gets bought/sold alot. Something like sharks or something. High margin items that are barely ever sold/bought but have 100% margin are still shit because they never buy/sell.
  7. Tested this for a few hours before beta release. Definitely a script i'll buy for my maxed main, 0% ban risk.
  8. shenanigans

    Using a looting bag

    @Usa had one in his recent green d bot
  9. going to use it now. how long are you planning to leave it on beta/post beta?
  10. shenanigans

    Bot till Bond

    Just buying a bond for ~2,3$ is easier and more efficient than f2p botting for 3 days, trust me.
  11. shenanigans

    Auto Click ban odds?

    why not just use one of the free alching bots?
  12. shenanigans

    Starting in 32 bit?

    Also dont use LG with your zulrah bot, it'll fuck it up.
  13. LMFAO. @purplekenneth You should contact Trilez he'll refund everything up to 1b without any trouble