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  1. @Montreal Purchased proxy but it does not appear to work. I've sent a ticket and pm'ed you. You are threatening with a tribot ban if we charge back, yet you go ahead and provide service of bad quality. I paid and in return I got dead proxies.
  2. shenanigans

    Guys, I'm Back :)

    currently testing out my gmaul rusher, its so much fun!
  3. shenanigans

    woodcutting/firemaking script

    i recently hit 99 wc on a suicide account doing willows 12 hours a day, it's pretty fine imo.
  4. shenanigans

    Basic attack case

    try replacing "pirate" with npc id.
  5. shenanigans

    Private Rock Crabber Request!

    @Worthy does private script services.
  6. shenanigans

    Not able to create Runescape account.

    im sorry to tell you but you do look like a black person..
  7. http://lets-flip.com/pages/2007-oldschool-runescape-flip-chart/ (i believe you have to register an account first). Search for items with high buy/sell margin which also gets bought/sold alot. Something like sharks or something. High margin items that are barely ever sold/bought but have 100% margin are still shit because they never buy/sell.
  8. Tested this for a few hours before beta release. Definitely a script i'll buy for my maxed main, 0% ban risk.
  9. shenanigans

    Using a looting bag

    @Usa had one in his recent green d bot
  10. shenanigans

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    going to use it now. how long are you planning to leave it on beta/post beta?
  11. shenanigans

    Bot till Bond

    Just buying a bond for ~2,3$ is easier and more efficient than f2p botting for 3 days, trust me.
  12. shenanigans

    Auto Click ban odds?

    why not just use one of the free alching bots?