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  1. And these are private proxies? You have access to them exclusively?
  2. Already tried my luck there, got dead proxies in return.
  3. Since i'm kind of tired of staff advertising bad quality proxies, I'm looking for some advice from goldfarmers/experienced people here. Please let me know
  4. currently testing out my gmaul rusher, its so much fun!
  5. doesnt matter that you got banned on your pc as long as you use a different, unflagged and fresh ip adress.
  6. i recently hit 99 wc on a suicide account doing willows 12 hours a day, it's pretty fine imo.
  7. try replacing "pirate" with npc id.
  8. @Worthy does private script services.
  9. do you use looking glass with it? might be the problem.
  10. im sorry to tell you but you do look like a black person..
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