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  1. From what I have heard they all are extremely hot running cpu's... Make sure to get some decent aftermarket cooling
  2. No it also crashed running a TuT isle script... but those are the only scripts I use. http://gyazo.com/0a2881e3c2bb263108e41e8482b24c05 This time it crashed without even starting a script.
  3. Hopefully you don't get a delay ban. But gratz!
  4. Description of the bug (be specific): console says "done" and closes client How often the bug occurs: 9/10 times I start scripts Triggers of the bug (if known): [unknown] Java version: 8 32 bit Max Heap Size: 2048 TRiBot client version: 9.227 Looking Glass (yes/no): no Operating System: centos Script Name: fc woodcutting and master chopper aio TRiBot Old-School or RS3: osrs Client Debug: client closes Bot Debug: client closes Screenshots (if any): none.
  6. This is happening to me to... But at random times. Sometimes when I start the first script, sometimes on the 6th /follow
  7. m8 contact me on skype... Factoryold I've been trying to contact you for a few days now and you don't respond.