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  1. We traded but where is proof thaht he paid me money?!?
  2. Why not!? And if u dont buy any Bond , dont Posthunt here
  3. WELCOME Im Starting Now my Own Shop,im selling Bonds for 07 GP. Current Stock: 15 1 Bond = 1M 07 GP Im Only going first to trusted User (30+ FB) Otherwise u go first or we use a MM or VMM IF u interested add my Skype: dubstep_pk
  4. THIS i think he is 10 he scamms me and make then a Dispute vs me
  5. Zeron123

    Buy 1 month game card

    do not trade with him he uses a 2nd acc and says its not worked did same with my vip voucher dont trust him
  6. Then tell me how i scammed u u didnt paid and first of all i will know on which account this voucher got used coz i only sold Kiesel 1 voucher ... If i know who used my voucher i will say sorry but not yet
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