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  1. I think the point IceKontrol made is the ideal script creates actions that are separate and distinct, but not bot-like. And he's suggesting "preferences" in order to accomplish this goal, so that each bot can have its own habits and operate within them. Is this the case? Feel free to reply.
  2. So the dwarf cannon has an object ID of 6 and options to "Fire" or "Pick-up." But there is no apparent way to view how many cannonballs are inside, unless one clicks "Fire" again or uses the cannonballs on the cannon. Is there a way to see how many cannonballs are left, so that the script knows when to reload? I came across Varbits while searching and they sounded like what might work. However, I did not see a way to explore them in TRiBot's tools, so I left it alone. Are Varbits the answer? If nothing else works, the cannon rotates once every .6 seconds and fires a maximum of 1 shot per rotation. It also sends a chat message when it is empty. So it can be reloaded without being able to tell how many cannonballs are left. Just asking if there happens to be a better way.
  3. I used Virmach and was able to ask the support team to install Java for me through the customer support tickets. Have been getting quick responses through that. You may be using another provider or wish to do it yourself. But if nothing else works, maybe this information could help you. Best wishes.
  4. There's no need to be like that. Not sure why you felt the need to be rude, but since you were trying to help me earlier I'll call it even. If there's something you want, you can get it without being passive aggressive. I don't need to know how global strings work to know that. if you listen to that bit of advice, you'll have gotten more from me than I got from you. You're welcome.
  5. Well thanks to your assistance the listener is now properly implemented. I wonder why the global string didn't work? Not complaining. Will post my code, it's essentially a copy of what was said above. public class Main extends Script implements MessageListening07{ @Override public void run() { Collections.addAll(nodes, new Nodes()); while (true) { if (Take) { doAntiBan(); sleep(General.random(1200,1500)); Take = false; } poll(); sleep(General.random(30, 60)); } } ... @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { if (s.contains("You've been stunned!")){ Take = true; } } ... } Of course if it's wrong I'm open to corrections. I'm very grateful for the help. Hope you're not tired of me yet, because there will probably be more questions in the future. Will also try and help others with their scripting if I can.
  6. Implemented the listener into the main class. public class Main extends Script implements MessageListener07{ @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { if (s.contains("stunned")) { Keyboard.typeSend("s"); sleep(General.random(1000, 1200)); } } It will type s into the chatbox so something must be working. But it will also type "s" when the stunned message is an old message, suggesting that it is responding to old messages. Just want to add a delay immediately after the player gets stunned, not any time other than that. @Naton says that TRiBot's sleep doesn't work within the listener, so I'll get rid of that. Does the listener read old messages as well as new ones? That could be an issue. I read all the replies. However, I don't fully understand each response. Apologies.
  7. Well I know what a Hashmap is now. Apparently it's a higher-powered tool used for large arrays. Didn't have any luck with it here. Instead of a hashmap, ended up trying to create a global string to set equal to the String 's' that serverMessageReceived returns. Getting nullpointerexception error. @lets be friends I'm implementing the messagelistener in one node, is that correct?. Or must it be in the main body of the Script, as yours is. This might take some time... Thanks for responding, @Blastois3 & @lets be friends.
  8. Okay, sadly I don't fully understand the Vars class yet but see what you did with the extra class outside of the Node class. Going to try and use this guide to make a message listening Node? I assume I'm meant to make a third class to mimic the Vars function as well. Will try my best. Am grateful for the help. Whatever my chances of success are, they're not quite 100%... if you could correct anything that I might be getting wrong please do.
  9. What is global data management? How can the boolean read text or get the text read from the listener? Unless it is possible to place the s.contains elsewhere, it didn't seem to work when I tried moving it before. I think you're telling me to make a boolean outside of the execute/validate functions. If I am correct, how does that get executed in the node? Was afraid that it simply goes through the validate/execute functions and ignored the rest.
  10. @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { if (s.contains("You can't do that at the moment!")) { Keyboard.typeSend("s"); sleep(General.random(600, 800)); } } I'm trying to use this on a Node-based/Task-based script and I can't put it anywhere useful. It won't fit into the Execute portion of the module. Is there another way to read text?
  11. I notice that the API methods of TRiBot come equipped with a few antiban methods. Some misclicks, camera movement, anti ban stuff. So just making a simple script out of API methods (which should mean an easily recognizable pattern) is not as bad as it could be. That being said, it's not enough on its own. But to the point of this thread, respect to the developers for adding it in.
  12. That most definitely did the trick (it worked). Thanks. I can't help but notice that you're a premium scripter. Got to ask again about ABCL, been looking at TriLez's thread but don't quite get how to implement it yet. Any tips or additional resources around?
  13. Can't currently view the debug tools to see player position, item IDs, or objects. Is this because of the Thursday OSRS update? Just asking to confirm if the problem is on my end, so I can go about fixing it.
  14. The AppData folder was by default a hidden folder. So I switched the hidden folder setting off and located it and was able to go from there. Got the paths and library set now, but I might have the wrong version of java, jury's still out on that. Well I'm new so I guess stuff like this will happen. Got any tips on implementing ABCL10 and ABCL v2? Are there examples besides TriLez's guides? I can make a script with general functionality, but no antiban features (coming from Powerbot). Really interested in antiban compliance.
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