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  1. Is this a hack attempt? I'm not downloading that. Just fix the thing on TriBot.
  2. Same issues occur after I followed those steps.
  3. Having some trouble starting this. Trying to figure things out. Noticed it will re-use bowls on the tuna multiple times in the same inventory of 13. Also noticed it cannot bank at certain angles, clicking banker repeatedly instead. Same went for cooking sweetcorn on range, would attempt to use it on a player who was in the way repeatedly. I'm starting with cooked tuna, cooked sweetcorn, bowls, and potatoes with butter already on them. It'll chop 13 tuna and stop. Or it won't start at all sometimes. Do I need different materials? Thanks.
  4. Oh, okay. Nobody had posted an update and I'm still in the midst of fulfilling the requirements. Wanted to check in. Thanks for what you've done.
  5. Hope you can get this up and running again soon.
  6. Yes the script sometimes attempts to use the bucket of water on a cool bar dispenser, taking anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute to realize that the bars are already cooled before withdrawing. If this happens every other smelt you can easily see how the profit would be impacted. Might be due to lag, but there must be a way to prevent this. Will also sometimes stand afk for a period of time after withdrawing ores for apparently no reason.
  7. Was working very well, now it is mysteriously broken. When banking it will not withdraw the items to start, and if I withdraw them manually it will say "freeing inventory space" and begin depositing uncharged orbs two at a time. I have enough glories and all supplies, this is a very curious bug. Edit: Shit, I was out of lobsters. My fault lol... there should be an out of food error message for silly people like me.
  8. Loaded an inventory of coal and then went to the bank and did nothing. Any idea what might be the issue? Should the ores be placed in a certain spot? (this is steel)
  9. When stethoscope is selected the bot will not bank because it doesn't withdraw the stethoscope but is waiting for someone to withdraw the stethoscope. Basically it just sits there until you withdraw that item for it, and then proceeds again.
  10. Yes, I had plenty of gp. Is there anything else that might be the problem?
  11. It makes two tabs, tells me I'm out of resources, and instantly logs me out. Found this error to be quite funny, is there anything I may be doing wrong?
  12. Hope you have the chance to fix this soon, it's a good method.
  13. I guess I'll see if it is released after the 180 day period that they usually release in. Don't like my chances if it isn't back in 1 month...
  14. Informed opinions only. Awhile back I sold a lot of gold and had the buyer send money to a Paypal account. Limitations were placed on the account, and 46k USD is locked in the account. It has been 5 months since then. Will I get my money back in a month? Or am I fucked over? Limitations have been placed three times, most recently June 23. Does that extend the 180 day wait? Thanks for any help.
  15. It made a gold necklace by "accident" one inventory, I assume this is part of the anti-ban. Thought that was funny and clever. Working pretty well, but there are a few misclicks when using the furnace and banking. Smoothing this out would be very appreciated.