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  1. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    I do not think ring of wealth helps at all at barrows.
  2. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Hello All, I decided to re-release this script for free in the mean time while I complete school and attend to other matters. I tested the script for a few runs today and it still operates as intended. If you run into any issues feel free to leave a comment on this thread, and I will get to it as soon as possible. Please read my old premium thread for all details on the script and usage: Activate the script here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2624
  3. Welcome to the thread for Netami's Pest Control (Updated 2017)! Netami's Pest Control is the last pest control script you'll ever need to purchase. Currently included features are below, with more always in development! All boats supported Defend knight mode Portal attack mode Adjustable ABC2 sleeps Automatic spec weapon usage Quick prayer support To suggest a new feature, just comment here on the thread with what you'd like to see added! Get it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2352
  4. I'll look into it but no promises EDIT: I added a sleep to wait until we're out of a game to start the break. Hopefully this helps.
  5. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Script is working fine, make sure to read the instructions
  6. Breaks are handled by the client, I wouldn't recommend using them with this script as it might take a break in the middle of a game
  7. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Will not be doing this no
  8. I'll look into including damaged doors from the walker engine
  9. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    The spam click was intended to both mimic a human and ensure we click the right objects; different humans click at different rates so it's impossible to match how everyone does it
  10. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    As stated above I don't have an account with an Iban's staff to fix it, otherwise I would EDIT: Someone PM'd me with an account, script has been updated to v1.09 which now supports Iban's blast correctly.
  11. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    I'm not sure if the prayer interfaces got changed, I'm using the TRiBot Prayer API. I'll give it a test today and see if its working for me EDIT: Testing now, prayers are working correctly for me. Maybe try restarting client and/or deleting hooks.dat
  12. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Will not be adding this, ring bonuses are pretty small for the amount of code that would need to be refactored.
  13. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    You're going to need to be a bit more specific, include a screenshot and the contents of the debug
  14. Autocast isn't an included feature in this script, sorry
  15. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    I don't believe Ibans is working currently, I don't have an account with the staff
  16. You need to switch you runescape game from resizable mode to fixed mode.
  17. Pest control bot not working

    You need to switch you runescape game from resizable mode to fixed mode.
  18. Hey guys, I've updated the script payment options available! Let me know what you think!
  19. Installing Tribot

    Install java, if not working then run jarfix.
  20. This has been brought up before, unfortunately the admins mandated that I have a ABC2 sleep there as it is a reaction situation. Glad you're enjoying the script otherwise!
  21. I believe it does horiztonal, but additional patterns could be added, I just modeled it after how I shift drop items
  22. Welcome to the thread for Netami's AIO Woodcutter! Here you will find useful information about my script as well as some progress reports and a place to report bugs. This thread will be further developed as the script ages. List of features: Preset locations/trees Custom location dropping Ability to powerchop or bank logs Task queue (for progression) Automatic axe upgrading Full ABC2 Level 10 Compliance Ability to save/load profiles Script argument support to load profiles Planned Features: GE Support to buy axes More preset locations Proggies: ' Get it here:
  23. Nope, just make sure the job queue box is ticked. Also go into the game settings tab in RuneScape and enable the shift dropping setting so it can drop logs