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  1. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    I do not think ring of wealth helps at all at barrows.
  2. I'll look into it but no promises EDIT: I added a sleep to wait until we're out of a game to start the break. Hopefully this helps.
  3. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Script is working fine, make sure to read the instructions
  4. Breaks are handled by the client, I wouldn't recommend using them with this script as it might take a break in the middle of a game
  5. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Will not be doing this no
  6. I'll look into including damaged doors from the walker engine
  7. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    The spam click was intended to both mimic a human and ensure we click the right objects; different humans click at different rates so it's impossible to match how everyone does it
  8. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    As stated above I don't have an account with an Iban's staff to fix it, otherwise I would EDIT: Someone PM'd me with an account, script has been updated to v1.09 which now supports Iban's blast correctly.
  9. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    I'm not sure if the prayer interfaces got changed, I'm using the TRiBot Prayer API. I'll give it a test today and see if its working for me EDIT: Testing now, prayers are working correctly for me. Maybe try restarting client and/or deleting hooks.dat
  10. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Will not be adding this, ring bonuses are pretty small for the amount of code that would need to be refactored.
  11. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    You're going to need to be a bit more specific, include a screenshot and the contents of the debug
  12. Autocast isn't an included feature in this script, sorry
  13. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    I don't believe Ibans is working currently, I don't have an account with the staff