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  1. Keep me posted, if it happens again I'm happy to screen share and look for issues
  2. For guthans, is it trying to click the coffin to open it? I've noticed some issues with resizeable mode and this, been waiting for the developers to fix the methods that tell us if we're able to click something on resizeable mode. For Verac, the script will use leftover prayer on non-prayer brothers rather than just letting the tunnels drain it, but it will not drink more prayer pots.
  3. Is dharok your first brother? Not sure why it would be eating at full HP unless it needs invy space or something.
  4. Yes they are random, mouse speed is TRiBot's default
  5. Was the brother your tunnel brother? There was an issue earlier today for a short period cause by my uploading of old code, it has since been corrected, my apologies.
  6. The cannon loaded is on a randomized timer, it's set to be more frequent since people at dagganoths or other high cannonball areas would run of ammo frequently if it was too slow.
  7. Wait, is this guy wanting a VIP refund because he can't abuse the fact that free trials reset each month?
  8. I would need to know the contents of the debugs tabs on the TRiBot client at least to know what's happening, often when it's stalling entering the tomb something is wrong with the gear setup. EDIT: Just uploaded a fix for an uncommon crash when solving puzzle.
  9. @border @kneecappa Thanks for the patience and help guys, I've applied a small update to the script to do a few things: Added more diverse checks to check if the player is stuck or not Lengthened the animation failsafe timeout to 8 minutes instead of 5 Fixed an NPE in puzzle solving code Removed coins from ground items to be looted before leaving barrows
  10. I'm going to try and debug tonight/tomorrow but I haven't heard any other reports of it happening yet
  11. I'd recommend starting with the usual steps, deleting hooks.dat and reloading the client twice. It sounds like some of the game data isn't reading properly which can happen when the client holds on to last week's hooks.
  12. I haven't heard any other reports of trouble with the script. Did this start today?
  13. The cannonball refilling works on a timer as Jagex removed the game setting for cannonballs left; if I make the time longer then people use in a very crowded location will go empty too often.
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