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  1. Netami


    Uh https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3027-nherblore/ ?
  2. You need to copy the compiled .class version that your IDE produces after compiling the code, not the .java file.
  3. Read the more recent comments, the script is functioning even better with recent updates. I was not offering a refund EDIT: From today
  4. Script version 3.89 has been released, make sure to join my discord for all the patch notes!
  5. Yes especially with trident and lower stats, most of your profit will be from barrows items. The runes usually about cover costs
  6. I'll be looking into this today Enable user input for the client, hold control and click the blue N logo in the bottom right of the paint
  7. The script is supposed to do this already, if it's failing to do so I'll have to check into it
  8. I didn't really want to have a large paint including combat xp, since most people doing pest control are only there for void/pest points When this happens it's likely stuck trying to click an object during it's walking/navigation. I'll see if I can improve this responsiveness a bit
  9. It does yes I don't currently but if it is requested by multiple people in my discord server I could add it
  10. I'm currently investigating this bug, I haven't been able to replicate it locally so if anyone has info on a game/client setup that seems to cause it please let me know. EDIT: Pushing an update that should remedy being stuck in boat on round beginnning
  11. I pushed an update last night that may help as well, if not please provide the contents of both debug tabs along with a screenshot of the client, thanks
  12. I just tested to make sure but the script is indeed working, if you're using LG please make sure to disable any pest control plugins the hooked client has
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