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  1. Welcome to my most recent public release: Netami's Alcher! This script includes the following: Advanced timing between actions GE restocking (more below) Informative but simple paint Ends script on out of items/runes GE Restocking information: This script obtains it's prices when needed from RSBuddy Exchange. If placed at the Grand Exchange, the script will attempt to buy more natures runes/alching items with the cash that is in it's inventory. If it cannot buy the items within several minutes OR does not have enough cash left for >= 10 alchs, the script will end. If your player is not placed at the Grand Exchange, the script will end when out of runes or items. Please note that as of release the script has had limited testing. Please use at own risk/babysit. All feedback is welcome, but features are not likely to be extended.
  2. Sold
  3. Bump!
  4. Hi TRiLeZ, thank you for the response. To answer your questions: There is no stack trace when it misbehaves I am not calling either Walking#setWalkingTimeout or WebWalking#setUseAStar In this instance I am not using a stopping condition I am not using additional threads for this testing The destination plane is a valid location, albeit a fair distance away the webwalker should still be able to handle it. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
  5. I'm sure once everyone sees your post we'll all get in line.
  6. @TRiLeZ @Usa
  7. Description of the bug (be specific): Webwalking will often get stuck going around objects/areas that it can/cannot reach. Example in video: https://vid.me/1iWx How often the bug occurs: about 50% of the time, on a per account basis Triggers of the bug (if known): WebWalking anywhere, in this case going from Lumbridge to Varrock. Java version: 1.80_101 64 bit Max Heap Size: 1024 MB TRiBot client version: Release 9.303_6 Looking Glass (yes/no): No Operating System: Ubuntu Script Name: Private TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old-school Client Debug: None Bot Debug: None Screenshots (if any): https://vid.me/1iWx
  8. The minimap vs screen preference is decided for your account by ABC2. This is part of the full ABC2 implementation
  9. I encourage you to read through both threads and pick the one that you feel will work best and suit your needs
  10. All sales must be done through the repository so tribot can take their percentage
  11. Sometimes it makes the next game, sometimes it doesn't.
  12. Trials are done from the repository purchase page. The script does not spam click the ladder as some users had concern over this increasing bans.