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  1. Rune pouch hasn't officially been supported, but I'll add that to the version I'm uploading now
  2. Just a reminder guys, you can always join my discord for this script for the most up-to-date info and news about the script, including proggies, all update notes, and discussion with other botters! https://discordapp.com/invite/sZWPy2e
  3. The goal is 88%, that is where you get the most runes possible (most of your profits) while minimizing bolt racks and RDT drops. Item drops aren't affected past the 6 brothers at all
  4. Game update occured this morning, make sure to clear your hooks.dat file and restart client to game twice if the client is misbehaving. See above It does in theory, but ranged only would be very inefficient.
  5. Hey thanks for the feedback, to address the things in your post: I could work on changing special attack to execute first, it will just require some refactoring as the script uses the same code to open coffins/attack brother for each brother (regardless of using spec or not) The script is not coded to withdraw ammo/swaps from bank, but this would also be possible to add. I haven't added multiple runs because every time I tested it or read about it it's just not worth it; each run after the first will cost 2-3 doses of prayer potion just to get back near full prayer, tanking all profits earned or even putting you in the negative The restock feature does decant potions at the GE before it buys more, you could use this with a lower restock level (maybe 20 prayer potions) and it would require less supplies on the account There have been a few updates to restocking since last week, the max time limit before aborting an offer is 2 minutes and it will increase the price after each abort Restocking does support GE teleports, it can be chosen under the Restocking tab in GUI The prayer restore levels are about as low as I'm comfortable with, any lower and prayer could drop when the ghost brothers appear, meaning lower level account could get 1-hit or combo'd quickly. Probably a no on the champion scroll, it would require a whole new code block since we don't care about other looting items from KC monsters, and would add unnecessary CPU usage by checking for the ground items.
  6. I don't see a huge benefit for this, skeletons provide more KC percentage per kill, killing rats/spiders instead could actually take longer
  7. I would have made a pull request if it was hosted on github
  8. In the past, the game ending reset all stats and disabled prayers, is this not the case anymore?
  9. Just a heads up for @theholyone and anyone else who uses this, RSBuddy migrated their API again, to use this just change the URL String on Line 112 of RsBuddyPriceService class to https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/summary.json
  10. Awesome man! Can't wait to get home and try it out
  11. In all seriousness, at least 2 of us tagged TRiLeZ in the scripter discord but did not receive a response thus far
  12. Hey guys just an update since I don't post as much on the script thread as I do on my discord (linked in the original post): The script has had some more upgrades and is running smoother than ever!
  13. I have used this script before But yeah in the future usually best to report a bug you see instead of letting it just run for hours
  14. Bans are not a valid refund reason, refunds are only given if the script is broken/unable to be repaired by scripter.
  15. I had zoom reset in briefly, mainly due to a tunnels bug related to zoom, but I received a good amount of feedback from users saying they didn't like forcing zoom level; that being said the script is designed to rotate the camera if a coffin is off screen but sometimes even if just a few pixels are on the screen it won't do this. I'll see if I can make this more consistent as well as add camera zoom to the FAQ, thanks!
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