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  1. I've added some potential fixes for this in script version 1.267, please let me know if this helps. For reference the script is directed to walk in a small area around this center tile when returning
  2. Judging from the limited logger I think daxwalker is trying to continue after the shortcut, I'm assuming you have the agility level for that first one and it's using that? For the one click to make it resume, is that making it walk towards the blocks?
  3. When creating the progression entry, select "Regular" for crafting mode on bloods, and there's an option in another tab for AFK chisel mode. With this just start the script near the Zeah RC essence block
  4. No worries I understand the concern, always happy to explain my reasoning on script functions
  5. After some googling it looks like Jagex told clients to remove this feature late last year (source) - but I still don't believe this is an issue. The script does not seem to have any outstanding detection issues, and openable doors are an easily distinguishable color vs the locked ones, so players can tell the difference just by looking: There's documentation in my discord server linked in the original post
  6. Thanks for the feedback; most all legit players nowadays use a client like Runelite or OSBuddy, both of which have minimap overlays that show the openable doors without having the check the doors in game. Due to this I don't think the behavior is abnormal, since people using these clients/plugins don't need to hover/click the doors either
  7. Its already implemented, just haven't updated my thread in awhile, oops!
  8. It looks like it's just the background ABC2 is performing timed actions like rotating camera, right clicking objects, etc. The actions are executed when General.sleep is called, hence why they happen while you're sleeping.
  9. Yes I've implemented grave support as the first time Death's office dialogue
  10. Just the script - make sure to use "Start Script" button instead of Re-run; you'll see the version in paint change
  11. I'll work on some changes to remedy this, will probably involve multiple attempts to withdraw before ending
  12. Not at all - you can find the loader here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/81830-tribot-1100-open-beta/
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