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  1. It looks like something is wrong with your gear, try to reset the gear in the GUI and run again. Magic pots probably aren't worth the inventory space and time as they only boost by a few levels, and according to TRiBot I'm not allowed to completely remove reaction times, the length of these times is already been reduced a lot by what TRiBot determines they should be.
  2. The script will check 100 times for a gangplank before ending itself, but I'll add a small sleep between checks.
  3. Hey, currently only supports tabs
  4. All good, glad to hear it's working.
  5. Is it drinking more prayer pots for the brothers that do not have prayer selected? It should be prayer/drinking for the 3 selected then using any leftover prayer pots but not drinking any more potions for the rest.
  6. The script will judge if it has enough tokens to kill some cyclops before gathering more, no need to gather 6000 if you only use 1000 for all defenders
  7. Hey everyone, script has been updated for the changes to the puzzle screen. Everything should be back working now.
  8. Not sure what the issue is, I'll do some testing but I haven't had any other complaints.
  9. The best way I can explain it to you is that using tabs can cause information (about NPCs and Objects) from one tab to be sent to another running script. This is not something wrong with the script as it is stable and running great.
  10. Looks like it's failing to find the plank enough times that the script is ending itself to avoid getting stuck. Are you still using tabs on the client?
  11. This is most likely due to multiple tabs, I encourage you to run 1 client per account as it does not user more resources and will get rid of problems like this in many scripts.
  12. Which mode are you using? Going to need some more information to be able to help
  13. I would not recommend it no
  14. Which potion set are you using? If you're using regular pots or super pots you'll need all 3 potions for the set.
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