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  1. You can right click each Bot Debug and Client Debug tabs and upload them to pastebins then PM me the links, sometimes one of them will have your computer username in them
  2. I'll need a lot more info including what version of the script it was, what the bot was meant to be doing, what status it was in, and debugs contents to be able to help
  3. Yep, I'm working on fixing the bug where it wants to click a tile it can't quite reach when in the long outside tunnels, I believe I have a solution just testing it locally before upload.
  4. Another quick update guys, I've uploaded version 3.08 of the script to fix an issue that I just introduced where the ending failsafes would trigger when the account was not stuck. Please update to this version immediately if you are running an older version. NOTE: If you experience any issues starting this version, please remove your GUI profile saves from .tribot\NetamisBarrows folder.
  5. Jagex can't see the TRiBot cursor texture, it's just an image painted on the TRiBot canvas where the mouse location is (similar to how script paints work). I can't speak much on ban rates on any script since those pretty much depend on how you run the script.
  6. Just a cosmetic thing haha, no real reason
  7. Hey guys, I've just uploaded v3.07 of the script which contains mostly bug fixes including the following: Checks if inventory is full before trying to withdraw new ring of dueling Backup to minimap-walk to a mound if we fail clicking the on-screen tile Fixed getting stuck trying to open chest if the last brother spawns in the connector tunnel right before center room and we miss him This version also implements a multi-point stuck detection system, so if one of a few conditions are met (haven't moved in 5 minutes, animated in 5 minutes, completed a chest in 15 minutes), then the script will exit itself to avoid being stuck for hours. You can expect another update today hopefully with some new additions and GUI options EDIT: Also transitioned the beta discord to a support/updates discord, join it here: https://discord.gg/sZWPy2e
  8. It does not currently, although I believe if you choose to use Nation's nRestocker with it, that can perform the worldhops.
  9. I'd like to integrate to the prayer potion system that it will know either when it's about to get drained and/or the amount that will be drained, so that it can drink more efficiently. I'll start working on this tomorrow
  10. Sure I can look at these, do you mean choosing when to drink more prayer pots when the tunnel brother is there?
  11. I'm not too sure what could be causing this, I'm currently delaying the start of the break until we are back at Clan Wars. If you catch it again could you upload the contents of both debug tabs to Pastebin and PM them to me?
  12. According to the RS Wiki you're about at normal levels https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Agility_training#Levels_40-47/50/52/60_–_Canifis_Agility_Course
  13. Hey guys, another small update to v3.05: Fixed dynamic signature tracking to not run during breaks as well as fix an issue where it would report times much higher than actual runtime
  14. OpenJDK is not compatible, you need to install Oracle Java instead.
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