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  1. There is a script trial if you want to try, but the integrated muling allows you to setup transferring excess wealth back to a mule account automatically as well as getting GP from a mule if it's needed for supplies.
  2. Sorry no plans to add additional navigation methods at this time
  3. This is the "KC Target" box in GUI; 85 is recommended to get around 88% rewards potential for maximum runes
  4. Glory is not required for the script, only either access to barrows teleport tablets or the barrows teleport spell in Arceuus book. I'm not away of any fairy rings or similar methods that are near barrows at all
  5. Yeah, this has to do with the script using static methods and is an issue with many scripts on TRiBot. I've chosen to discontinue this script for now, I have refunded all currently active auths to it
  6. Which chaos druids are you fighting? The ones above ardy are not supported due to issues with that door being different and the room being extremely small
  7. Script and thread have been updated, including the new deathwalking feature!
  8. The script has been updated to add integrated muling! Check out my discord server in the original post for more info!
  9. Hey this is a TRiBot error that sometimes occurs when a client is killed without stopping the script or other connection related issues
  10. Hey guys, usually I only post update notes in the discord, but this update was large enough to post here: Version 3.86: - Adds support for starting with uncharged trident (invy/equipped/banked) - Adds RoD withdrawing at GE to return to clan wars from restocking - Adds support for script starting in brother tombs - Adds new script paint (option for old text paint in GUI, paint image cached locally) - Fixes trident recharging not checking if inventory is full - Fixes script being able to get stuck with right click menu covering chest to loot
  11. Sorry to hear you got banned, most people find what works for them through some trial and error
  12. The script supports the tabs as well as the spell from spellbook, but I don't plan on implementing the legs currently as they're only really used by ironmen
  13. The script is supposed to loot any ground items before teleporting, but ideally I would tune the setup a bit to make it less likely that you run out of inventory room. I HIGHLY recommend praying against Karil instead and taking less food overall. Thanks for the feedback
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