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  1. I've not heard of nMuler but I'd assume it's Naton's script.
  2. It looks like TRiBot had trouble starting all the required threads, I've not seen an error like that before. Did a restart of the client help at all?
  3. This issue was user error from the user not following the original post instructions. Make sure you have all required items including a ring of dueling equipped, spade and barrows teleport tablets in bank. If there's anything in debug that may help me see your problem as well.
  4. Barrows tablet only support was something that I started doing with this script during it's initial troubleshooting. My newer rewritten version of the script supports multiple other travel formats but it is currently unfinished with no ETA. The script does supports Ibans blast but will need fire runes in it's inventory regardless of the tome.
  5. Are you starting at clan wars bank with no brothers killed? Anything in the debug tabs at bottom of client?
  6. If you're using Looking Glass you need to disable the client's barrows plugin.
  7. Ban rate completely depends on your actions as a botter; running duration, breaking, what GUI selections you use, etc.
  8. Are you in resizeable or fixed mode? This is a pretty long-standing bug with the resizeable mode interfaces that it thinks it can click something when it's blocked by a panel; scripters have been asking for the fix to be pushed for months but to no avail so far.
  9. Left should be decreasing the delay.
  10. You need to setup the TRiBot break handler, there are a few tutorials on this on the forums.
  11. Probably because your post contained no actual information even hinting at what the script is.
  12. To Worthy's defense, I experience this same issue with loot from my Barrows script (which is also RNG based). One hour you can get no uniques and crappy rune drops resulting in 100-200k, the next hour you can make 1m+.
  13. Even if it is allowed might not be the best sales, there's several github circulating right now with these plugins and more.
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