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  1. Does your script has a script manifest annotation? The "scripts" folder inside bin needs to be lowercase
  2. It's not something that I could fix on my end, I'm just passing the world number to the tribot world hopping method for it to handle
  3. The debug doesn't note this world, so it probably has to do with some sort of misclick/interface misloading issue.
  4. Solved in discord by reloading tribot Multiple trips will skip the banking chest at clan wars and use only the portal, assuming that you have everything needed for another run including the prayer/food amounts set in GUI Are you referring to the world hopping function after a run? If so please provide the client debug so I can take a look
  5. Not currently in plans, with decent gear/stats and low client latency deaths should occur very rarely if ever. The TRiBot error or the script GUI?
  6. If you bought the script you shouldn't receive this error, that would be an issue with TRiBot's repository server unfortunately. If you get it sorted I can TeamView you to see what is preventing the script from working
  7. Are they running in one client or two seperate? You can check the profile contents as well, it's in a .json file readable with notepad in .tribot\NetamisBarrows folder
  8. This looks like GUI construction errors, I would try to uninstall your Java 8 and re-install a fresh version EDIT: Please also check that TRiBot is in Lite Mode
  9. Your TRiBot Loader is out of date, please download the new ones from the site so you receive newest version (10.19.4)
  10. The script hasn't changed any since yesterday, do you receive any errors in the debug tabs?
  11. I had considered it initially but from talking to users most people don't use barrows equipment due to the defense requirement so it was put on the back burner. If you want to automate that and other tasks however, Naton's nRestocker script can do tasks like that and many, many more. I'd recommend checking it out
  12. The script is working still, if you can provide some more info I can try to help
  13. Make sure to have the iban's spell on autocast when you set your mage gear in GUI, this will ensure it won't bank those runes
  14. Yeah I would like to make the GUI much more customizable with said update
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