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  1. Been having an issue with the script for a while now, normally i manually fix it but I think you can fix this easily. NOTE: the issue doesn't happen at every account created, but does happen very often. When you reach the point of the fighting it'll put on the dagger, after that you have to move on and wear your new sword/shield given to you, however it doesn't do this properly so the equiptment interface stays open and it won't continue untill you fix this yourself. @erickho123 can you look into this? Thank you, rest of the script is awesome as usual:)
  2. @RedHawkLuffy Where did the script go? It's completely gone
  3. Got multiple accounts to 99 (I'm an account seller) with aAgility. Would suggest that one without a doubt!
  4. @Mute so that means it will only take that one crab the entire time instead of also taking the second one that's there walking around, and why does it reset agro after 1-2 kills it's not needed.
  5. I'm having an issue, used to run this months ago so I know it works well. I put it to attack the rock crabs at waterbirth island south side, it will stand in the spot (3214, 3476) and idle's there like I'm afk, once I killed crabs number 1 it won't attack number 2, it just gets attacked by the re-spawn of crabs 1 again, and after a few kills it runs up north to reset agro. settings: - tab 1: https://gyazo.com/7abf8ab498e4b382e9a3fbde62c553a3 -tab 2: https://gyazo.com/fadb1314da3ae9898f694b8db00e83bc in video: part 1. https://gyazo.com/eacbf6cbfc5a6bda422b7b82147d189e part 2. randomly resets agro after 1 kill: https://gyazo.com/fbcda584912c9596ace9367a8937bf67 part 3. is it going back to the spot and getting attacked by the crab he aggrod. something's wrong here, I've reloaded the client multiple times, this is with LG. thanks @Mute
  6. Does this still function @daxmagex ?
  7. ^
  8. Got me 99 agility on my ironman, thanks. Got multiple accounts with 99 agility on DMM aswell with this script, flawless as ever.
  9. Open the tribot client with jdk or jre. Guess that should solve your issue
  10. Looks like it's trying to load your java file from a Virtual Machine, maybe you should try loading your local java in the java folder. ~just trying to help, I'm not sure.
  11. eazy
  12. @Zainy any updates on the beta?
  13. I believe most scripts if not all scripts are out, we have to wait for a change to the client I believe, it's not script related. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Nvm it works again