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  1. It depends, you can make it as difficult as you wish. It al depends on what results you wish to get.
  2. Do you want your own website or webshop? Maybe to show your portfolio or to sell RS gold? We got you! Unlimited possibilities, we have over 4 years of experience in the field. Working 60hrs+ a week as a webdesigner/webdeveloper. Made over 50 websites for the company I work for and over 10 for my own webdesign company. We also make logo's and flyers and we deliver the websites with complete SEO of the latest standards. Our website: Oventa Webdesign also available in English! Choose the language switcher in the top right corner. Interested? Ex-gold seller & playerauctions verified seller with over 180 account sales and over 5b gold is up for business. PM us on skype for the fastest replies. Click the image below to add me to your skype!
  3. vibis

    Extreme lagg on LG

    okay, I'll try that thanks
  4. vibis

    Extreme lagg on LG

    OR what i can do to resolve ?
  5. Anyone have any idea why my LG clients are so laggy while running ?
  6. Goodluck hope to see some progress
  7. vibis

    rouges den

    if only there was..
  8. vibis


    Glad to hear that!
  9. Cowhides... That's been a long time ago
  10. vibis


    IF a script has instances it means you can only use the script on 'instance amount' accounts. So if you bought a fishing script for example for 30 days with 2 instances, you can use it for 30 days & 2 accounts.
  11. Ah its not on LG? if you are using LG use osbuddy, if that's not the case post on the script thread maybe somethings wrong with the code.
  12. vibis

    a good script

    Just throw it @ nmz already, or kill crabs to 70 attk and whip it out to 70/70/70
  13. NMZ + LG is great to max out, do not worry if you bot it on the safe side (8-12 hours) and stay off the account for the remainder of the 24 hrs.
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