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  1. Damn price-droppers. Natures down to 240 or so from 280.
  2. The script is working well, but I'm also experiencing random teleports at around level 3 wilderness. The occurrence is completely random.
  3. Down from 15 <3
  4. 13k exp/hr if you're crafting 2 runes per ess. "great" Doing that shit to 44 was enough >.< I'm sure Usa is doing his best, just be patient like thatstranger says. I don't recommend the fires though huehuehue
  5. I was just running the script for the first time in a few weeks and I noticed that after 20 minutes it was just standing 20 or so squares away from the pentagon location doing nothing. The Client Debug said it had solved the Pirate random, so I'm guessing the random baited the bot away from the traps and it wasn't able to locate them and return. I don't know how quickly I manually returned the bot to the hunting location after it had done the random, so there may be a fail-safe for this, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention wussup. EDIT: Literally while I was writing this post it happened again (yes, the pirate random again, what are the chances) and the bot did not recover. I think this needs to be fixed!
  6. This looks amazing. Great for people like me who can't babysit bots very much.
  7. Amazing script. Currently on v3.3 and it has no issues. Here is a 1 hour proggy of lobs getting almost 100k xp/hr with cooking gauntlets and 50-60 cooking.