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  1. Hey everyone, I'm back from the graveyard ?. Are people still interested in a updated version? If yes, I'll make and upload it ?. Regards Evesy
  2. Cool, wil test it out later. Thanks for sharing
  3. Evesy


    Been running on their systems for months, works fine
  4. Evesy


    Virmach/VPSGamers is waaay overpriced. Take a look at a dedicated server from SoYouStart/OVH , amazing stuff for the prices.
  5. Do you recommend the range magic mode or does magic only also work fine? Any proggies on that perhaps?
  6. It will buy me hapiness until the level that I don't have any motivation anymore to keep earning more. I think the motivation of the money that can potentially be earned makes me happy, not the money itself.
  7. Botting 4 accounts 3 week straight now, 6 hours a day with breaks using a premium combat script. No bans so far.
  8. Damn your paints are hilarious XD Animal abuse? ahhaha great But i found a bug btw: When the bot starts woodcutting it will spam click oaks sometimes
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