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  1. Currently blackjacking Menaphite Thugs and it keeps failing to get the second pickpocket. It looks like it might be going for the first one too slow so it runs out of time but also sometimes just hovers over pickpocket for the second just never clicks it
  2. Had two of the account I ran script on get stuck at the chapel because it couldn't get the camera angle correct. If the bot turned off ceilings on account creation it would fix it I believe.
  3. Looking forward to the rewrite
  4. I understand the argument for the removal of lifetime, but I do wish there was some kind of compensation. I believe I had around $100 in scripts which I paid a premium for at the time and I would've paid less for if I hadn't chosen to buy lifetime.
  5. Well that sucks. Thanks for the response
  6. Been out of the botting game for a few years now and was looking at getting back into it but noticed that a several of the scripts I had bought lifetime for are gone. I had several auths for Dax's hunter bot and his combat AOI and I feel like I had more that are also gone too. Just wondering if this is a bug or did I get them removed from my account for some reason? Actually it looks like all my lifetime auths are gone
  7. Are you saying that Runescape is blocking your ip? If so have you tried purchasing proxies?
  8. The gui looks awesome! Might try implementing it into my own scripts.
  9. The scripters don't have access to your account information. I've botted with Tribot for over a year and have never been hacked. Your information must have been stolen in another way. I'm sorry for your loss but it wasn't Tribot.
  10. Bumping still paying for more!
  11. They have a new product they are giving out if you get 100 referrals
  12. Paying 150k per sign up. https://www.anker.com/deals/powerhouse?ic=47dac3d320ddef6812b3 PM me with proof after you finish. You must join using Facebook or Google link on the page.
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