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  1. Are you saying that Runescape is blocking your ip? If so have you tried purchasing proxies?
  2. The gui looks awesome! Might try implementing it into my own scripts.
  3. The scripters don't have access to your account information. I've botted with Tribot for over a year and have never been hacked. Your information must have been stolen in another way. I'm sorry for your loss but it wasn't Tribot.
  4. What script are you trying to use? Did you check to make sure they are updated?
  5. Try to bot during hours that a normal player in your timezone would be playing during. Also using the break handler can also make the account look more legit if you set it up right.
  6. Try Crimson services. Link in my signature.
  7. Looks good! Glad to see more scripts being released
  8. I was still able to make about 1.5m with my host even after the announcement
  9. Uh I'm good
  10. Try Crimson AIO Services we can give you a quote.
  11. Hmm alright well thanks for the info
  12. Are you sure @Twitch
  13. You have to donate at least $150 to Tribot. I would recommend just making a new account.
  14. Try redownloading it
  15. Account selling isn't allowed on the Tribot forums. I would recommend Sythe or Playerauctions if you want to sell an account.