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  1. Took a look at the ingredients real quick. Has 4.8 grams of Beta-Alanine. That's what's giving you the tingling skin feeling (paresthesia). Different theories why this happens... would go into detail but a bit busy rn...
  2. Gonna hop in on this. I've experimented with literally hundreds of supplements (no exaggeration). Supplement stack is always changing my current is the following: Fish Oil: I megadose this like crazy. Far above the recommended daily average. Love the sustained mental clarity it gives me. Vitamin K2: (specific occasion); For when I take far too much fish oil to counteract its anticoagulant property... I go crazy on fish oil during exam times up to (25 caps a day...) Creatine Monohydrate: Obvious reasons.... Strength increase + mild test increase + greater power output + lactic acid buffering + hydration etc... speaking of hydration... I take Taurine as well: I megadose this like crazy as well... atleast 11 grams in the morning with my coffee and sometimes 11 grams at night. Legit has creatine like effects at that dose. Hold on to a lot of water but not look bloated. Skin looks great. Has a calming effect (take edge off of the caffeine) different than L-theanine... Keeps me thinking smoothly even when dehydrated and It's ridiculously cheap as well. Vitamin D3: Live in Canada not that much sun in the winter keeps mood elevated. I take 5000-7000 IUs a day. Beta Carotene: Precursor to Vitamin A which I don't get enough of from my diet. Tyrosin (very specific occasion)... Not gonna get into the details of this... Beta Alanine (very specific occasion as well): When I decide to go for a PR... Usually in response to a challenge or for when I've been too busy to have a decent workout for around a week and want to wreak havoc in the gym. I would take around 7-9 grams depending on mood. NOTE: Beta-Alanine depletes taurine levels in the body which is why I don't take it consistently as I enjoy the effects of Taurine too much to compromise on some of its efficiency... Vitamin B Complex: Increased mental and physical energy and endurance. I mega dose this to an extent.
  3. Disregard that bot malfunctioned on me and I ended up logging into a different account... False alarm
  4. Came back from working out found one of my accounts completely cleaned of all items without getting banned. Every GE slot was empty. Even script was detecting total value of everything is 0. Couple logouts and logins later everything is back and GE slots are filled again with my original offers. Strange...
  5. Easy on that keyboard, warrior. Easy to be a tough guy while anonymous behind a computer screen.
  6. Looking at the ingredients it's just a bunch of stims (and prop blended at that) don't waste your money. Instead of relying on a supplement to suppress your appetite use your will power. It's easy to lose fat if you do things right
  7. @Ughh Just saw this thread. How were your results at the end? Noticed you're not using HCG as part of your pct... how did that workout for you? Also how are your bloods looking now?
  8. Yes @donders, I already know that. I'm asking taco about the status of trilez when it comes to the 2 week extension. The gp/hr problem is fixed that means trilez is reading Taco's requests. Thanks for the reply anyways.
  9. I've been running it with low cash stack over 2 accounts for about a week 24/7. No bans so far but kind of pointless for the hassle... The rates are so low that you'd have to bot 2 weeks straight non-stop to make just enough gp to break even for the price of one instance and that's IF you don't get banned and IF the script functions properly for the 2 weeks (which never happens these days) and IF osbuddy doesn't malfunction and IF (the most recent issue) the client doesn't have any issues. Only reason I'm running the low cash stack is to break even with the instances I bought before the recent ban.
  10. They can't tell tell if 3 level 50s are associated with 1 another unless they're using the same IP.
  11. The thing for me is that on top of the losses is the loss of having to pay for all those instances of the script. I'm finding myself in a deficit these days whenever trying to start a gold farm. You've been here doing this since the good old days (when you can run this script for 3 months straight 24/7 at 350k-1m p/h and not get banned). I remember seeing you around as well as IceKontrol and others. At those rates the price of the script was justified more than it is now. A suggestion for Taco: If it is possible, make an option for a lifetime purchase of this script for those customers who've been using this script for a very long time.
  12. Add in some "You need level 40 thieving to pickpocket that" and we got the same issue
  13. Ye I've been using this script for a while myself. Not at all a new user.