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  1. Scammed me Btc for PayPal, posting on all forums this guy uses, advertises 3-5 minuet delivery after 3-5 confirmations, almost 3 hours and 70 confirmations latter they keep ignoring me and not sending me PayPal.
  2. Service Needed -Requesting 63-70 mining and 63-75 thievingYour Skype- Bay_EasyHave you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) or (live:tmbgp) - YesAre you willing to go first- YesDo you Agree to the TOS - YesAny Notes -
  3. Requesting 60-70 mining and 63-75 thieving I want quotes on both skills, don't bother posting unless you're trusted or work for a trusted shop. It must be hand done.
  4. Requesting construction hand level (60-80) mahogany tables I can pay in osrs gold or paypal shouldn't take more than 3 hours.
  5. Still selling, last guy was a idiot.
  6. Selling 4 credits for 3.5M post here with skype name I will add you. Ask for a pm before the trade
  7. Hello what are some safe ways to bot combat right now? I'm looking to finish my main out and get 90/90/90 up to 99 in attack,str and defense. Anyone who has had success with scripts could you please give me some suggestions I understand it's my main and risk getting it ban
  8. want someone to chin me 96-99 range post prices i already have the chins it will be mm2 spot
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