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  1. I've gone negative on VIP days? Not sure if this is meant to happen or not (Just purchased more after this btw)
  2. Rogues den or hosidius range is best
  3. Does this/would you consider adding lower level ironman glass making? E.g. Creating soda ash (with seaweed or giant seawood) on a fire/range as well as the creation of molten glass with sand and soda ash on a furnace?
  4. Loving the script so far, would you consider adding a 'Stop after x hours' to the script? Also would you also consider adding some of the features from your chaos druid script, such as alerts if a player talks?
  5. @Netami I tried to use the trial to test the script before purchasing, unfortunately whilst making Maple longbow (u) the script repeatedly deposits the knife. Banking set to "All" Tried knife in first and second slot of inv Was at GE Mirror mode, resizeable with a proxy Any help would be great thanks!
  6. Hey Naton, would you consider adding a 'stop after x games', or 'stop after 6 hour log'? Loving the script as always ?
  7. Great thread and some useful information! Any tips for blast furnace?
  8. It's worth a shot, his scripts are always so great!
  9. A good crafting script. I don't think Usa's get much support unfortunately and I know a few users have been after a good crafter for a while.
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