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  1. Hey great scrip. i have been using it for a long long time. Love the work you do. My problem is that it does not wait to loot after a kill. So my character looks stupid shooting an arrow, running to get it, shooting another arrow and running again. It used to wait and all but something is up. whenever you have time take a look. i do have the right set up, been having the right set up for a long time its just a recent problem
  2. Sorry for getting back to you so late, and sorry if i sounded rude in my previous post. I just want to be able to buy vip that's all man and because i cant i got frustrated. Just want to continue to support this awesome establishment and the awesome script makers. Sorry for asking this stupid question but how do i "link my main Tribot account?
  3. Look man, i wouldn't need two accounts but tribot staff is amazing at not responding to people in need of help. Over time i was able to support script makers and spend over 60 dollars on scripts and vip privileges with micky1314. However, i went and bought another pre paid card and attempted to purchase more vip credits and they banned me from purchasing credits because they suspect i may be fraudulent. i attempted to resolve the issue, even went and opened a debt card... still says the "payment is fraudulant" and no one seems to be able to tell me what to do about that.... so i made a second account, and was able to purchase 5 credits on it with my debit card. Now i have 5 credits on an account with no scrips and i wanted to transfer it over to micky1314 so i can buy some dam VIP... that's all i want, is to be able to run my 15 dollar fighting scrip on 2 accounts. mods due to the lack of their ability to help, or get back to me with proper instructions on how to put credits on the account i want forced me to try the transfer option.... however yes i am putting the correct user ID. it still says " not a valid number" so for the heck of it i put 5 and 5 in both boxes, it then takes me to a page were it shows me a random name, and says do you want to transfer. i clicked yes for the heck of it, and it said the account needs to be 61 days old.... so im going to wait and try again.... i swear if i didn't buy so much premium 15-10 dollar scripts i would be gone from tri bot for the horrible customer service.... but the scrip writers are amazing, so its whatever...
  4. I have two accounts, i accidentally bought 5 credits on the wrong account, is it possible to transfer those 5 credits to the other account via the "Transfer credits tool" every time i try to put my id in it says "this needs to be a digit" when i put 5 credits it says transfer the credits to a completely random name. please help!
  5. is it possbile to transfer 5 credits form one of my accounts to this one? does anyone know?
  6. i Pmed admins and made countless threads. no answer yet. Im having the same exact problem and im getting 0 help... let me know if u figure something out because im so frustrated with their lack of customer help that its crazy... im over here trying to buy credits and i cant.... ugh...
  7. This doesn't help! I know how to purchase the credits.. im not getting a link from tribot that lets me confirm my paypal to be credible... im trying to buy vip and it thinks im using a fraudulent card! help please.... who do i call?
  8. Im trying to buy vip but the pre paid credit card that i linked with my pay-pal is not being accepted. It says it needs to be verified. I tried to verify it but no link came to my email.. i also tried a real credit card. but now it just says " we cannot accept your payment due to it being fraudulent" what do i do? i just want vip!
  9. Ok its a serious problem man, i literally left the house and had the script running, he was suppose to make 4k steel bars, i come back and all i see is invy full of coal, and him stuck saying "inventory is full" for freaking 4 hurs it was doing that, if not more, come on man, ur script is so clean, i know u can fix this, make a fail safe, to log out after 5 min of no expe at the very least, I will keep you guys posted if i get banned over this.
  10. YUP i got on this to let the developer know but you beat me to it, except for me its with steel bars, withdraws 19 coal, then hoovers over iron and jsut keeps trying to take out 14 but it cant, so if i dont come by and bank everything it will keep doing that, maybe add a fail safe, no expe after 5 min and logs out, really dont wana get banned cuzz he cant withdraw properly. cools script other wise.
  11. in Yanaile it gets stuck in a loop, when its finished mining the iron ore instead of running towards the bank, it runs to the side where the water is as at continues to try to click on the water, Im thinking of buying this script since the AFKing is taken off the free version, and 3 of my 80 mining got banned cuzz of that i think, so ill buy the preimium if the AFKing is in it, and if the Yanail banking is fixed. thank you. =)
  12. The scrip is obviously the best you can get on tribot as far as combat goes, but tri a random thought, what if you add like a monster kill count, and maybe for training, make it if a certain kill count is reached it logs out. Just an idea. =), sometimes i wonder how much guards i killed in 13 hurs hahah
  13. Sir Script is amazing, however, im at rock crabs and what happens is this. the script attacks everything perfectly, until the crabs become aggressive, then it just stands there, preforming anti ban and doing nothing else until it logs out. When i baby sit, what i do is run back up and re run the script and it starts going well again for 10 min then bam, stops and stands there while the crabs are not aggressive. anything you can do?
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