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  1. @daxmagex great script overall! only one small fix i'd like to see when making addy bars. the bot will run to the belt after withdrawing the coal and putting it in your coal bag and this without filling your inventory afterwards once at the belt it realises the inventory is empty so it runs back to the bank and fills the inventory and goes back to the belt. if this gets fixed the bot would make 700-1k bars\h instead of the 400 it is currently due to that small error that happens everytime it's suppose to have a full inventory of coal + it's coal bag. Cheers! hope this helps and gets fixed in a near future. EDIT: Would also be nice if the script finished it's action instead of canceling what it is doing to go get the bars right away. IE: Bot is at belt ready to load coal ad the bars are ready. instead of putting the ores on the belt it will run back to the bank deposit run back to get the bars and then continue. this would also mean players would run out of coal less often when making high level bars! Thanks in advance!
  2. script laggs so much i only average 34k exp an hour with larders.. it's always clicking to fast
  3. this was already all done it's randomly working now but if altar is west it will keep saying "WAITING" in debug i've also noticed that it often miss clicks the portal when trying to enter POH causing it to go behind the portal makes it a lil obvious. it will also type out the hosts name in public chat if it happens to missclick. OT: i find that the path is ALWAYS the same this should be randomized a little in my opinion and the bot also waits to long to click it's next destination on the minimap other than that loving the script hoping to see these tweaks implemented soon cheers.
  4. still unable to run it [20:25:06] Starting client. [20:28:07] Script Started: ShatterGildedAltar. [20:28:14] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile.distanceTo(Lorg/tribot/api2007/types/RSTile;)I [20:28:14] at scripts.shattergildedaltar.ShatterGildedAltar.getState(ShatterGildedAltar.java:328) [20:28:14] at scripts.shattergildedaltar.ShatterGildedAltar.run(ShatterGildedAltar.java:386) [20:28:14] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:724) [20:28:14] Script Ended: ShatterGildedAltar.
  5. was working fine yesterday now as soon i try to start the script it ends [16:32:15] Script Started: ShatterGildedAltar.[16:32:25] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile.distanceTo(Lorg/tribot/api2007/types/RSTile;)I[16:32:25] at scripts.shattergildedaltar.ShatterGildedAltar.getState(ShatterGildedAltar.java:335)[16:32:25] at scripts.shattergildedaltar.ShatterGildedAltar.run(ShatterGildedAltar.java:386)[16:32:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:724)[16:32:25] Script Ended: ShatterGildedAltar. ***EDIT: Also tried starting it in various locations such as in the house in the bank and in front of the POH portal***
  6. @larry bird brads script does not support randoms the client does
  7. just bought the script and off to a great start.. can't get it to run. "a java exception has occurred" when I go to click your loader. could be nice if you got a fix to this for me. thanks.
  8. ^ dat never had problems with this script, it has it's flaws but it will always get the job done.
  9. @Bradsta Update: Mithril bars went great superheated over 25k flawlessly. I now have over 40k Addy ores and the bot has a hard time with this type of bar and in my opinion the way it works makes it very obvious you are botting. Will withdraw 9 addy ores and the rest coal superheats 3 bars wich is normal it takes 6 coals to make 1 addy bar but it's what happens after. It will then proceed to deposit.. the 3 bars followed by the 6 remaining addy ores and the rest of the coal then re-withdraw 9 addy ores and 18 coal. This is what in my opinion looks like and obvious bot. Solution: make addy bar part of the script withdraw 3 addy ores "all" coal once task completed deposit the 3 bars heres where it might get tricky leave the rest of the coal in the inventory simply withdraw 3 addy ores again and "all" coal once again this would be the best fix if possible to update your script and the best shot I would have at posting a proper addy ore proggie. Thanks!
  10. epic script ran it for over 30h now had 20h proggie but my comp restarted so here is a 6h proggie for now will defo post some more when i get some going for 99 smithing. Sorry for blurring my levels but everytime i posted proggies with levels I got banned. Ever since I stopped showing them no more bans. Anyways here is the screenie
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