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  1. So I've been seeing some very impressive usernames on OSRS. I'm not personally selling accounts but I have seen some such as: PestControl, PestCuntrol, ABC101, etc. How much would these usernames go for and how much are people really willing to pay in OSRS GP? Let me know what cool usernames you've seen around RS! I find this very interesting. I wasn't sure where to post this so I will be posting here for now.
  2. 52 Prayer? My tank is: 40 Def 80+ Ranged 80+ Magic 1 Prayer You think I should change this? I will raise my combat though. :/
  3. I'm a Pure Ranged Tank. I have no prayer level.
  4. Fuck. Any other way to level 64 range to 80 quickly?
  5. Hi everybody! I am wondering if Range Guild botting has a super high ban rate using a Free script with Looking Glass? I need to lvl my range very quickly. If anyone has any faster and cheap alternatives let me know. As of now I need to know if it is safe to use Range Guild bots! Thanks Mates!
  6. Yeah sounds about right. Lookin Glass and using a Free script but not abusing it. Maybe 2 hours and then I change it up and do some legit stuff. I really wouldn't want my main banned, is there ever any way to get unbanned these days?
  7. Best thing I've seen all day. Thanks ahah! I've been really botting fletching on my main for short periods. I think I'll start doing things legit on this account. I'm getting nervous. I don't use proxy's.
  8. Hey guys, I've been fletching off and on taking breaks while botting in grand exchange. What is the ban rate for Fletching?
  9. Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it!
  10. So I was just baby sitting my bot the other day when noticed a Random trying to talk to me. The bot completely ignored it. This happened like 4 more times after that, so I decided I should talk to the next one that comes up. Are randoms important these days for ban evading? It seems like this bot (Which is a good one) wont talk to randoms. Is this normal?
  11. omnoodle

    OS Botting

    That's pretty sad that it took you $200 to sort it out for a bot. Not very resourceful. I won't be asking for anything anymore, thanks for the advice. Ill keep it simple.
  12. Search to forum before you post noob. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1179 /thread ps, my bad.
  13. Any scripts that will keep your account on idle/logged in for 24hours without getting banned? This would be mainly used for the 24 hour in game play restrictions. Let me know! Thanks,
  14. Hey everybody! Let discuss item flipping in the Grand Exchange and how well you've been doing!
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