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  1. Can you show us this piece of evidence of code ? lol
  2. Counterz

    Best Linux distro for botting?

    @mrdeanoo Thanks for the reply man, I wouldn't really know how to set it up do you have any guides to install a vnc viewer or easy setup?
  3. Counterz

    Best Linux distro for botting?

    I know this question has probably been asked alot more than it should. I am asking not only cause I don't know but because I was wondering if someone will help me set it up?
  4. Counterz

    background private script

    @ITryNotToTroll It's not that hard to understand. lol Especially since anyone who isn't a premium scripter would get banned for trying to make or sell a private script.
  5. Counterz

    background private script

    @ITryNotToTroll I meant premium scripters just mean't anyone who is a premium scriptwriter who can code this particular background script for me.
  6. Counterz

    background private script

    @TacoManStan How would it be discovered exactly?
  7. Counterz

    background private script

    Need someone can can create background scripts to run behind the main script. To clarify I will pay whoever can make it.
  8. Counterz

    Private background script request.

    Need a private background script made. Pm me and we can discuss further.