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  1. were you using looking glass?
  2. I wonder what the ratio of legit/non-legit players is currently. I remember when reflection bots died the world totals were more than halved for months.
  3. First assassination since JFK? This will be interesting, i got the popcorn ready chillin in australia
  4. not sure if the reporting system has changed since Rs2, however it was confirmed on the runescape home page (it's still there) after the 2 bot nukes that reports only contribute to a hot spot indicating where the main areas to bot are. I'm not sure if it's different in OSRS, but if the system is the same then you're absolutely fine. Reference: https://gyazo.com/b4668e4b72a2187f91fa99468903f617
  5. Since no one else is really helping i'll post how i got hacked (on tribot) without sharing passwords.
  6. I also highly recommend sigma magic, i powerbotted humidify for some serious hours and profit getting to 94.
  7. Looks like geoffrey456 was the last vissy on 08/06/2016. It's been a week since anyone got one? Lower chances that i thought O:
  8. See this post, seems people are targeting people with VIP too leech off their script. If you check you bot manager you can see all the clients open and which scripts are running. I personally found 2 people stealing my premium scripts.. however my pass wasnt the same as my tribots so my acc was safe.
  9. You can see the runescape log in username in your tribot client management thingy. Some people have email usernames, i have two (could be the same guy on two accounts i suppose)
  10. totally understandable, as i said i had crappy security. And it didnt really harm me in anyway, it's just people got too use my premium scripts without me knowing. I thought that would be serious enough for tribot not want to lose money while people are unknowingly hacked.
  11. @Trillez i bet we're not the only people, is there something can be done? leo suggested whitelist ip? that'd be a great option and it could be optional.
  12. I wish A Friend didn't make that fucking youtube video, now RS cancer community be hunting for emails. >_> Thanks for leaking my information tribot
  13. Good idea... logged on to see this shit lol (I'm australian) https://gyazo.com/15c0d0a1fc76674fdbdc83571e2a9d69
  14. Hey, just checked bot panel a couple hours ago and there were THREE clients open (i had one open) and 2 extra scripts running.. No one tried to change my pass, I don't know these people... but i have their email addresses. Do tribot moderators care about this? I didn't have 2step yet, but recently put it on and changed the pass so my security was low.. but is there a punishment for taking advantage of low security?
  15. Could you please supply me with that list of items? I'm an ironman so i have to run all over trying to get them. Also if i cannot get those particular items will the bot skip that clue and get a new one? Will purchase as soon as i get this information.