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  1. Can you hyperlink your pictures in topic? It was annoying for me to keep clicking Buy Now and nothing happened lol URL. If you want to do it manually with the code, then here it is: [%url="Topic's URL here"][%img]Image's URL here[/img][/url] Remove both %, but not quotation marks.
  2. How effective are proxies? Can't they just flag the machine's MAC address? Also aren't IP that are not virgin incredibly expensive?
  3. hey, is it general rule of thumb to suicide bot while offices are closed?
  4. http://imgur.com/a/L9Ztp Can't insert picture for whatever reason, It's a shitty crop of 4 osbuds and white diamonds that are supposed to be clones
  5. Hi, "How can I have a clone cursor that follows my original cursor but is a certain distance away? For example my mouse cursor is at position 100,100 and the clone cursor is at position 100,400" Is this possible to do? I wanna pick cowhides while im botting other stuff. like 4 windows opens, the mice are all in the same position and mirror your movements and clicks. If it's a script that freely available I would appreciate it
  6. I will also buy this script when abcl2 has been added.
  7. Anybody know the fix if you're stuck on loading client params?
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