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  1. @erickho123 any way to add GE support to sell the items after running out of $$, or does it do this already and mayeb i missed it?
  2. Picking scripter tomorrow. Make sure you send the bid in. Looking for good scripter. Don't be shy!
  3. Thanks, I've edited the post.
  4. Looking for good scripter until this Friday. Making the decision on Friday. Don't be shy, unique project.
  5. Hello, I'm in need of a semi advanced private script. The bots must be able to interact with one another, so I'm guessing it would be a bit harder than implementing muling support but generally around the same idea. Please contact me to discuss and see if we can agree on a price. Request: Private Script Description: Prefer to get into details through PM. Payment Amount: $100-$500, depending on the features, looking to chat with scripter to see who an accommodate a good price while maintaining quality in the script. Currently talking to various scripter to get a better idea of a fair cost, I have my own idea but would like to verify. Time: One week preferred, but can accommodate to two weeks if it's easier. More than two weeks not preferred. Additional: I would like to release the method only to the scripter im going to use. I will release a similar description of the method, where I will describe similar capabilities I want the actual script to have, and based on your quote I can get a feel for your price and how long it'll take. I would not say this is an easy script to make so moderate to good experience is preferred.
  6. I'm too noob for this. Is there a script you have that I can just paste and set it up, tried your link and a few videos but no idea what I am doing.
  7. Thanks, I will try this out once I get home, but I believe I've tried something like this before. I'll post my results
  8. Hello all, I have tried using Fluffee's code for 32 bit CentOS, but it does not let me connect through Tight NC viewer. https://gyazo.com/7de2ac2cfe316bf1f7a66dea557c2e2f I am sure the port is right. Anyone have the working commands for a 32 bit CentOS server? Thanks.
  9. Ok, as long as that does not affect ban rates later should be fine. Now to figure out why i cant connect lol
  10. Ok, fair enough. the account I am running is out of tutorial, I might switch providers. Any suggestions for a similar price point?
  11. Wait, even if I have a fully dedicated proxy? I got recommendations for that site from @YoHoJo in the thread below? For some reason the proxies are not triggering with my conditions (*.runescape.* and *.google.*)
  12. Hi guys, I am getting the following error when trying to setup proxifier with proxies I bought from blazing website. The proxy works fine through my Maxthon browser? Edit: Their site says: Keep in mind that dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies support SOCKS. You cannot use SOCKS with username/password authorization. You may use SOCKS protocol with IP authorization. Does this mean if I entered password and username on my maxthon I was not using socks5? https://gyazo.com/452aa1594ccc2c2056f6830f0ec3bf73
  13. I am glad we have decided to use other clients. Runelite is becoming very popular, it is my favorite client and it uses less resources too.
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