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  1. I am once again writing for your coding support.
  2. Need a bot that will light incense inside my house
  3. I do have coins they are on the bottom right. I have gone to 40 by hand to try to use the butler but it doesnt work either.
  4. so the script is stopping, telling me my house needs to be in rimmington for phials banking...it -is- in rimmington.
  5. ...yet they keep on taking people's money for VIP without even a warning...I was just about to purchase since I figured it would be fixed by now, glad I got to the forums and checked beforehand!
  6. Use a regular non-proxied wifi that is not your own to create accounts, and then bot on the proxy
  7. wtf mang dis q is against rulleeess fuk u noob
  8. fdfretes


    Same deal here. I am usually a vip member that just ran out and not planning on renewing before new info is up...
  9. I am paying for a service. That service is not being provided to me - and Tribot does not have the best track record for reimbursing people for days which we are paying but not getting service. It is not about being on a high horse. If I had the coding skills to fix it or make another one, I would. What if you bought insurance and it only worked 27 days out of the month...would you think "make your own insurance company then" to be an acceptable response ? Again, I am paying for a service that I am not getting. I am not the one in the wrong here.
  10. When is this going to get fixed ? I've been patiently waiting but the patience is running thin.
  11. Send me a PM and we can go from there.
  12. Hello. I have been a long time user here at tribot and want to get back to botting. Most of the time, I simply used my bitcoins to pay for credits, however now I want to use a credit card. When I try to pay via stripe or similar, it tells me the card is suspected of fraudulent activities.When I try to use PayPal, it tells me the same thing even though I verified my account.Can you please send me an invoice for $32 so that I can pay with paypal ? I have given you guys lots of money in the past, I do not know why you would think that this is a fraudulent activity.My username is fdfretes. Please let me know how we can work this out ASAP.
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